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This Annual Workshop series has been organised by the Australian Network of Structural Health Monitoring (ANSHM), which was established in June 2009. Griffith University will host its 11th Workshop to mark the 10th Anniversary of ANSHM in the place where it was first founded (i.e. QLD).

  • Date:  2-3 December 2019
  • Location: Griffith University (Gold Coast campus)
  • Organisers:  Professor Hong Guan and Dr Dominic Ong, Griffith University

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CoastEd Holiday Programs

The Griffith Centre for Coastal Management offers an education program CoastEd, which includes a range of hands-on school holiday programs designed to inform and inspire. Run by experts and in conjunction with the City of Gold Coast, the interactive programs are a great way to discover what it’s like to be a marine biologist and help protect the Gold Coast’s beautiful beaches. For more information, phone 07 5552 8823 or email

26 June

PIA Seminar- Planning to improve mental health

Professor Paul Burton's former Bachelor of Urban and Environmental Planning (Hons) student Kobi Lane, will present his research findings on depressogenic built environments- the relationship between mental health and human-made surroundings. Kobi has been invited to speak to the topic at an upcoming PIA seminar, 'Planning to improve Mental Health'. The seminar is being held on Wednesday 17 July, 5.30pm to 7.00pm, more information and register here.
21 May

Pint of Science Festival - Floods, fire, fury

Dr Johanna Nalau, ARC Discovery Research Fellow recipient (2019-2021) will present at this event on Climate adaptation in theory and practice.

What does adaptation to climate change mean for society, and what does science have to say on the topic? Follow the thread from theory to practical action in this timely talk about how humans adapt to the impact of climate events. This event commences at 7pm at Options Tavern, Westfield Helensvale. Book your spot here




6 - 8 June 

2018 Joint APNHR and AHRC Conference

In June 2018 the Asia-Pacific Network for Housing Research (APNHR) and the Australasian Housing Researchers Conference (AHRC) are combining to hold a joint conference at Griffith University, Gold Coast, Australia. This is an exciting opportunity to meet with colleagues from Asia, the Pacific and Australasia whose research examines a broad range of housing issues - physical, economic, social, environmental and political.

22 March 

Extreme Cities: Building against the Tide

CRI member and award winning civil engineer, Associate Professor Cheryl Desha, will participate in a group session discussing ground-breaking global initiatives on  Extreme Cities: Building against the Tide, as part of Griffith's partnership with the Queensland Museum for the World Science Festival being held in Brisbane from 21-25 March.


Around the world, cities are at the fulcrum of a whole-scale re-imagining of how we work, travel and live. Global innovations from green buildings and public spaces to vertical living and sustainable architecture are driving our urban environments into a period of rapid and profound change.

This session brings together internationally renowned architect and city planner Malcolm Smith, award-winning civil engineer Cheryl Desha and coastal specialist Barbara Norman to examine ground-breaking initiatives that are radically shifting how we conceive and construct our cities and homes of the future.

5 March

Constructing and deconstructing the transport infrastructure policy paradigm

About the Speaker

Professor Anthony Perl is Professor of Urban Studies and Political Science at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. His research crosses disciplinary and national boundaries to explore policy decisions made about transportation, cities and the environment.  Prof. Perl has advised governments in Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, and the United States on transportation and environmental research and policy development.  He served on the Board of VIA Rail, Canada’s national passenger railway for more than four years. He has served on the Selection Committee of Transport Canada’s Urban Transportation Showcase Program.  He has led the Rail Group of the U.S. Transportation Research Board (TRB), a division of the National Research Council.   He has also chaired TRB’s Committee on Intercity Passenger Rail.  Perl is a Fellow of the Post-Carbon Institute and Adjunct Professor of Urban Studies at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia. He is also a member of the Vancouver City Planning Commission.

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2017 Australian Social and Affordable Housing Symposium

Griffith University's Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics hosted the symposium in collaboration with the National Affordable Housing Consortium and Sustainable Living Infrastructure Consortium. Keynote speaker, The Honourable Matt Thistlethwaite MP, highlighted key issues present in the housing landscape across Australia. Cities Research Institute Director, Professor Paul Burton, facilitated the Cities session whilst Dr Judy Kraatz, Senior Research Fellow in the institute was a panellist in the 'Measuring Outcomes' session.


International funding costs and Australian bank mortgage pricing: A disaggregated analysis

Quynh Pham - PhD candidate in the Cities Research Institute

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Sharing data with humanity: Research agenda through the "Adapter-Digital Earth Node"

Associate Professor Cheryl Desha and Dr Kate Crawford

Associate Professor Desha is Head of Discipline, Civil Engineering in the School of Engineering. Dr Crawford is an adjunct Industry Liaison Fellow with the Cities Research Institute

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Urban form and wayfinding: Review of cognitive and spatial knowledge for individuals' navigation

Sima Vaez - PhD candidate in the Cities Research Institute

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Mobilising coastal communities to care for their coast

Ms Maggie Muurmans - Coastal Community Engagement Coordinator with the Centre for Coastal Management

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What did Tropical Cyclone Debbie do?

Professor Paul Burton leads a panel of Cities members, Dr Andrew Brooks, Dr Serena Lee, Dr Darrell Strauss and Professor Peter Tatham to discuss the impacts of this devastating event and how to minimize effects in the case of similar future weather events. More information here.


Climate change and migration in the Maldives: Some lessons for policy makers

Dr Johannes Luetz is from CHC Higher Education

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Looking back while imagining the future(s): Designing and implementing contemporary place based policies

Dr Tim Reddel - Group Manager, Policy Office with the Department of Social Services and CRI adjunct member

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Carrot or stick? Understanding gamification for young driver safety interventions

Dr Barbara Yen - senior lecturer for the Griffith School of Engineering and an academic member of the Cities Research Institute.

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How can urban planners ‘Catch ’em All’? An exploration of the nexus between augmented reality games and urban planning

Dr Ruth Potts - Southern Cross University.

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Urban transport politics: Exploring the role of urban publics in transport politics

Dr Crystal Legacy

Dr Legacy is an Australian Research Council (DECRA) Fellow in the Centre for Urban Research at RMIT University, Australia. Crystal’s research focuses on questions of urban governance, citizen engagement, urban politics and infrastructure implementation.

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Researching Cities and their Futures

Professor Paul Burton and Dr Robert Rogerson

Join Professor Burton, the Director of the Cities Research Institute at Griffith University and Dr Rogerson, the Assistant Director from the Institute for Future Cities at the University of Strathclyde.

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Post-carbon mobility transitions in big cities: lessons from Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver

Adjunct Professor Anthony Perl - visiting from Simon Fraser University, Canada.

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Here's What Smart Cities do to Stay Ahead

Dr Colin Russo - Managing Director of Engaging Futures, Brisbane.

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Aboriginal peoples' rights and interests and South-East Queensland planning

Dr Rachael Cole-Hawthorne is a post-doctoral research fellow at Queensland University of Technology, working in the fields of environmental planning and natural resource management and a teaching tutor in the School of Environment, Griffith University.

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