Evaluating and improving our waterways

The Centre’s Catchments and Waterways research programs focus on the issues characteristic of human‐impacted coastal environments, drawing on the multi‐disciplinary expertise in coastal engineering, monitoring, ecology, physical processes and environmental management.

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Application of neural networks in flood emergency decision support

An Australian Research Council grant has been used to examine the effectiveness of artificial neural networks to overcome shortcomings of existing flood emergency decision support systems. The project will also consolidate our relationship with Professor Michael Blumenstein, School of Information Technology, Griffith University, and Adjunct Professor Hamid Mirfenderesk from the Flood Strategies and Waterway Management group in the City of Gold Coast.


A new residential development on the Gold Coast, Salacia Waters at Paradise Point comprises commercial and community facilities. Due to proposed marine plant disturbance from development, the Department of Primary Industries and Environment required a series of two to five-year projects take place after construction. We commenced a project after construction of Stage 1, with a brief to monitor the tolerance and response to altered environmental conditions of seagrass meadows adjoining the Broadwater foreshores. Subsequent studies have reported any dieback of the mangroves within the community at the tip of Paradise Point. Seagrass recolonisation and monthly inspections to monitor the rehabilitation of the dunes along the Broadwater foreshores have also been undertaken in this project.

Monterey Keys Algal Bloom Scoping Study

An algal bloom in Monterey Keys Lake prompted the City of Gold Coast to investigate short and long-term management options for this problem. Griffith Centre for Coastal Management was engaged to scope the likely causes, features and management options, and to prepare an initial report identifying short-term options to alleviate the problem and recommendations for further investigations leading to long-term mitigation of the algal blooms.

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