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Professor Rodger Tomlinson

  • Coastline changes in response to climate variability
  • Modelling of the impact of extreme events under climate change
  • Storm Tide Modelling for Emergency Management Response
  • Natural sand bypassing mechanisms at tidal entrances
  • Numerical modelling of wave and tide dominated entrances and estuarine processes
  • Behavioural analysis for tidal entrance stability
  • Small Island Beach Processes and sea level rise
  • Modelling of coastal hydrodynamics including wave transformations and sediment transport
  • Effluent Dispersion and Disposal Strategies
  • Innovative Coastal Protection Technology
  • Urban catchment management including the assessment of canal water quality, sediment and erosion control, stormwater management

Business Innovation Manager

Steven Chambers


Kate Schurmann, Executive Support Officer

Research candidates

Dima Al Atawneh

Mohammad Alipour

Mohammed Al-ogaili

Lizandra Carvalho Renard

Ophelie Choupin

Ana Paula Da Silva

Chao Deng

Rohan Eccles

Gaelle Faivre

Simone Heilgeist

Atiqul Islam

Gregory Kelly

Ali Koosheh

Zhengxu Li

Mingyuan Ma

Gerard Mcnamara

Ian McNicol

Ian Monks

Subaru Muroi

Trung Hieu Nguyen

Ye Htet Oo

Pirooz Pazouki

Leo Peach

Jemma Purandare

Mohammad Hassan Ranjbar

Hengky Salim

Ali Saremi

James Thompson

Hengyu Wei

Jingwei Yao

Amin Reza Zarifsanayei

Fuxin Zhang

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