Griffith Centre for Coastal Management is one of the most comprehensive coastal advisory services in Australia

Our work sees the integration of coastal specialists, government, academia and industry professionals across engineering, environmental science, humanities, information technology, tourism, community engagement and planning.

Our research charter centres on our expertise to counter major coastal challenges, including rapid urban development and climate-related impacts throughout the Asia–Pacific region.

Expertise in field monitoring in catchment, estuarine, oceanographic environments complements our coastal hazards assessment, beach management and community engagement.


  • Sustainable management of urban environments
  • Expertise in impacts of climate change on coastlines
  • Wave climate forecasting
  • Numerical modelling of coastal hydrology and hydrodynamics
  • Floodplain modelling and management
  • Catchment management
  • Coastal engineering design and technology
  • Expertise in coastal hydrodynamics and sedimentary processes
  • Integrated water resource management
  • Coastal community engagement and education.

Our experts

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Equipment and infrastructure

We have a range of specialist tools to assist our research, including an offshore observatory, six research vessels, an off-road vehicle, acoustic doppler current profiler, metocean station, rapid deployment survey vessel, remote-operated vehicle, 3D LIDAR survey capability and coastal modelling sof

Partnerships and collaboration

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