Enhancing education about coastal management

We have compiled a range of information sheets, teacher packs and pocket guides that can be used to complement our CoastEd sessions.

These resources are also useful for anyone wanting to learn more about various aspects of coastal management.

Teacher packs

In these packs, teachers can find a range of ideas, activities, resources and lesson plans, designed to engage Gold Coast students on coastal management, ecology and tourism. Resources are created for targeted year groups and include clear curriculum links.

Coastal Management and Engineering

Resources in this pack allow teachers and students to explore coastal management and engineering on the Gold Coast through engaging and thought-provoking activities. Historically, storm events have driven innovation in coastal engineering in order to protect our city. However, as population has grown, so too has development along our beaches. A range of coastal management techniques have been implemented to meet environmental and development challenges.

Coastal Ecology

The resources in this pack invite teachers and students to explore the coastal ecology and its habitats of the Gold Coast through a range of interesting activities. From the great sandy dunes of South Stradbroke Island, to the rocky shore at Burleigh headland, to the coastal wetlands of Coombabah, there is an abundance of plant and animal life of all shapes and sizes. In fact, just one bucket of sand can hold more diversity than an entire rainforest! Discover why dunes, rocky shores, flora and fauna are vital to the health of our coastal ecology.

Coastal Recreation and Tourism

Resources in this pack allow students to discover the social and economic value of Gold Coast beaches. With a seemingly endless summer and coastline spanning nearly 50 km, beaches are our city’s playground, with millions flocking here each year to enjoy the surf, sun and waves. Every year the City of Gold Coast invests in the management of our beaches and foreshores. This investment, in addition to the global reputation and marketing of the Gold Coast and it’s beaches as a top tourist destination, highlights the significant social and economic value of the beaches.

Pocket guides

Research informs our handy pocket guides, which contain relevant information specific to local environments.

Coastal Plant Pocket Guide—Gold Coast region

This booklet was published to help increase community awareness of some of the Gold Coast’s common plants growing on the coastal strip.

CoastEd and the Griffith Centre for Coastal Management developed the guide, in partnership with the City of Gold Coast.

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Coastal Plant Pocket Guide—Western Australia

This pictorial pocket field guide helps identify and understand biodiversity and the importance of Coastal environment ecosystems in Western Australia. Griffith Centre for Coastal Management produced the guide in collaboration with the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council and Griffith University.

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Rocky Shore Pocket Guide—Gold Coast

The booklet was published to help demonstrate the importance of local rocky shore environments and their biodiversity, following research studies conducted on the Gold Coast. Griffith Centre for Coastal Management produced the guide in collaboration with Ocean Connect Incorporated and Griffith University.

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