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Griffith Honours Course

Advanced Methods in Archaeological Science (6004ESC)

This course provides the essential skills required by researchers to practice archaeology in Australia today. Topics to be covered include: ethical and legal requirements in archaeological consulting and academia, public engagement in science, publishing, and collaborating.

Griffith Undergraduate Course

Archaeology: Discovering the Human Past (2006 ESC)

Archaeology offers a unique deep time perspective on the human experience. In this course you will discover: the diverse approaches archaeologists use to interpret the material traces of the past; the long, non-linear, and complicated trajectories of humanity; and how archaeology contributes to our understanding of societies on the Australian continent. In the laboratory component of the course, students will gain practical skills in artefact identification and analysis.

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Perspectives on Human Evolution

The course features a survey of the human fossil record, including the earliest evidence of putative humans in the late Miocene, and continuing up to the origin and expansion of modern humans in the Late Pleistocene. Genetic, geological, chemical, and archaeological evidence will be considered along with the fossil evidence for human evolution. Students will be challenged to critically evaluate on-going debates in palaeoanthropology with particular emphasis on Australia, and will develop skills in reading and discussing primary literature.

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A Question of Time: How We Date Human Evolution

Discover the role that dating human fossils plays in the reconstruction of human evolution: explore examples from around the world.

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