At ARCHE, we’re filling gaps in the knowledge of Australasian human evolution

Spanning multiple locations, disciplines and collaborators, our research covers a diverse range of themes. Collective findings are meshed together in order to provide scientists comprehensive insights into human habitation throughout history.

Explore each of our research themes, as well as their related projects and publications, below.

ARCHE research themes

Archaeogeochemistry and Geochronology

We use isotopic systems and pioneering dating techniques to gain insights into human origins and rock art.

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We’re excavating sites in Island Southeast Asia, a region that has yielded some of the most important and unexpected insights into human evolution outside Africa.

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Ancient DNA and Genomics

Our research on the genomic history of First Peoples in Australia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand includes a long-term goal to break down the dichotomy between researchers and Indigenous people.

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Landscape and Human Co-Evolution

Our studies of landscape evolution examine the environmental conditions in which human societies operated and which shaped social and economic development.

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Through our paleoanthropology research, we’re actively involved in the recovery, investigation and interpretation of fossil human remains and their close relatives in Australia and the Asian region.

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Rock Art and Symbolic Material Culture Research

Rock art is the most important visual record of humanity’s ancient past. We take a broad approach to the study of rock art with projects in northern Australia, various parts of Southeast Asia and China.

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