Providing national and international leadership in integrity systems

Good governance relies on institutions fulfilling their mission with integrity, supported by well-designed accountability regimes. As part of this corruption resilience, detection and enforcement are critical priorities for all organisations - government, business or civil society - in an increasingly competitive world.

This program provides national and international leadership in the evaluation, design and implementation of modern integrity systems related to:

  • Public sector ethics as an element of public sector management.
  • Whistleblowing and internal integrity policies.
  • Powers and performance of anti-corruption agencies.
  • Improving international accountability for grand corruption crimes.
  • Strengthening the anti-corruption work of the G20.
  • Complex ways in which integrity policies and institutions interrelate.

Our researchers work with other Griffith University centres, public regulators, industry bodies and NGOs, including Transparency International, to safeguard the public's interest in having institutions it can trust.

Program Leader: Professor A.J. Brown


National Integrity 2017: Building the Public/Private Alliance was the first biennial conference hosted by Transparency International Australia and Griffith University, held in March 2017. It explored how best to strengthen Australia’s systems of integrity, accountability and anti-corruption—including the hot issues of stronger whistleblower protection, real-time disclosure of political donations, whether we need a federal anti-corruption agency, and the latest on business integrity.

The conference was a major scoping event for 'Strengthening Australia's National Integrity System: Priorities for Reform', an Australian Research Council Linkage Project led by program leader Professor A J Brown, which will run from 2017-2019. Supported by Transparency International Australia, NSW Ombudsman, Queensland Integrity Commissioner, and the Crime & Corruption Commission Queensland, this project is conducting Australia's second national integrity system assessment, and will identify the major opportunities for strengthening the country's systems of integrity and anti-corruption.

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