Trimester 1, 2019

Centre Seminar Series runs from 12:00 - 13:15 in N72 -1.18  is video conferenced to the Gold Coast G29 4.47 unless otherwise stated
1 March 2019Peter van Onselen, Griffith University, The Looming Election: how the major parties are likely to fare and what impact third parties could have on the outcome.N72 -1.18 VC G39 4.47 
8 March 2019Lee Morgenbesser and Duncan McDonnell, Griffith University, APSA Journal Rankings: A SurveyN72 -1.18 VC G39 4.47
15 March 2019No seminar this weekN72 -1.18 VC G39 4.47
22 March 2019Sarah Percy, University of Queensland, Regulating War: Does Timing Matter?N72 -1.18 VC G39 4.47
29 March 2019Rodney Smith, University of Sydney, How Do Right Wing Populist Parties Behave in Parliament?  The Australian Case’N72 -1.18 VC G39 4.47
5 April 2019

Kol Preap, Transparency International Board Member, and Founder and current Executive Director of Transparency International Cambodia presenting Fighting Corruption in a Highly Corrupt World: Successes, Resistances and Challenges


S07 1.23
12 April 2019Frank Mols, University of Queensland, Wealth ParadoxN72 -1.18 VC G39 4.47
19 April 2019Mid Trimester break 
26 April 2019No seminarN72 -1.18 VC G39 4.47
3 May 2019Tu Nguyen, Griffith University, Coping with precariousness: How law shapes ordinary people's livelihood strategies in VietnamN72 -1.18 VC G39 4.47
10 May 2019Jill Sheppard, Australian National University, Who trusts political leaders? The role of social identityN72 -1.18 VC G39 4.47
17 May 2019Benjamin Moffitt, Australian Catholic University, The Potentials and Difficulties of Transnational Populism: The case of the Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 (DiEM25)N72 -1.18 VC G39 4.47
24 May 2019Xu Yi-chong, Griffith University, 'Forced' Technology TransferN72 -1.18 VC G39 4.47