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This online series brings together the Centre for Governance and Public Policy research community (academic staff and higher degree students) for weekly research sessions from April to June.

The workshops are designed to provide feedback on article drafts by Centre for Governance and Public Policy scholars, while the seminars feature a range of presentations by world-leading international scholars

Centre for Governance and Public Policy members wishing to participate in the sessions should contact Duncan McDonnell (

If you wish to Join the Sessions

Date Author / PresenterTitle Discussants / Chairs

Friday 2 April 11am


Ferran Martinez i Coma

'Sacrificial Lambs' or Candidate Mimicking? Gender-Based Nomination Strategies in Elections

Discussants: Lee Morgenbesser and Sofia Ammassari

Thursday 9 April 10am


Morgan Rees

The Iran Nuclear Deal, From Obama to Trump – A Discursive Institutionalist Analysis

Discussants: Huiyun Feng and Pia Dannhauer

Friday 17 April 10am

Tom Pepinsky (Cornell)

Voting in Authoritarian Elections

Chair: Ferran Martinez i Coma

Friday 24 April 10am

Steven Levitsky (Harvard)

How Democracies Die

Chair: Lee Morgenbesser

Friday 1 May 11am

Cosmo Howard

Dramas of expertise: Extending public professionals’ authority in an age of contestation

Discussants: Ellie Martus and Diana Leon-Espinoza

Friday 8 May 9am


Cas Mudde (University of Georgia)

The Far Right Today

Chair: Lisa Zanotti

Friday 15 May 11am

Outi Donovan

Whose Practices Count? Gender and Competence-Challenging Practices

Discussants: Sara Davies and Phyu Phyu Oo

Friday 22 May 9am

Sabrina Karim (Cornell)

Measuring Opportunities of Women in Peacekeeping Operations: Gender Norms and Institutional Barriers to Women’s Equal Participation

Chair: Sara Davies

Friday 29 May 10am


Fionnuala Ní Aoláin (Minnesota)

The Resort to Emergency Powers in the Time of Covid 19:  Somethings Old and Somethings New

Chair: Luis Cabrera

Friday 5 June 11am

Diana Leon-Espinoza

The politics behind work-family policies: the cases of Costa Rica and Uruguay

Discussants: Ciaran O'Faircheallaigh and Julie Ballangarry

Online Research Sessions

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