Stay connected with like minded scholars in the field of politics and international relations

This online series brings together the Centre for Governance and Public Policy research community (academic staff and higher degree students) for weekly research sessions from April to June.

The workshops are designed to provide feedback on article drafts by Centre for Governance and Public Policy scholars, while the seminars feature a range of presentations by world-leading international scholars

Centre for Governance and Public Policy members wishing to participate in the sessions should contact Duncan McDonnell (

If you wish to Join the Sessions

Date Author / PresenterTitle Discussants / Chairs

Friday 10 July 2020 9am


John Gerring (University of Texas)

The Deep Roots of Democracy

Chair: Lee Morgenbesser

Friday 17 July 2020 11am


Xu Yi-Chong and Pat Weller (Griffith University)

Defending IOs, False Prophets

Chair: Ferran Martinez i Coma

Friday 24 July 2020 9am

Laurel Weldon (Simon Fraser University)

Logics of Gender Justice

Chair: Ferran Martinez i Coma

Friday 31 July 2020 9am

Valerie Hudson (Texas A&M)

First Political Order

Chair: Huiyun Feng

Friday 7 August 2020 9am

Jennifer Pribble (University of Richmond)

Re-conceptualizing Social Policy Expansion and Retrenchment: South America after the Commodity Boom.

Chair: Ferran Martinez i Coma

Friday 14 August 2020




Friday 21 August 2020 10am

Anna Gryzmala-Busse (Stanford)

Charles Tilly goes to Church: the Medieval and Religious Origins of the Modern State

Chair: Duncan McDonnell

Friday 28 August 2020 11am

Ellie Martus (Griffith University)

The power of coal: a discursive institutionalist analysis of Russian climate policy

Discussants:  Melodie Ruwet and Xu Yi-Chong

Friday 4 September 2020 11am


Robyn Hollander (Griffith University)

Governing in a Time of Pandemic: How Federalism performed in Canada, US and Australia

Discussants: Bart Stanford and Cosmo Howard

Friday 11 September 2020 11am

Daniel Szabo (Griffith University)

Extraordinary Decisions: Constructing Social Networks on High-Risk Migration Routes

Discussants: Diego Leiva and Juliet Pietsch

Friday 25 September 2020 10am

Jennifer Cyr (University of Arizona) and Carlos Melendez (Diego Portales)  Nascent Negative Partisanship in Fluid Party Settings Discussants: Sofia Ammassari and Max Gromping