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The Griffith Centre for Design and Innovation Research boasts a wide range of expertise.

We bring together world-renowned, international researchers and designers to enhance the depth and breadth of our research.


Professor Ming Cheung

  • Experience Design
  • Smart Learning
  • Experiential Tourism
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Information Visualisation

Full members

Michelle Douglas

Design Thinking, Design-Led Entrepreneurship, Human-Centred Design Processes

Associate Professor Gloria Ge

Internationalisation Strategies, Global Value Chain, Chinese Enterprises

Dr Eleni Kalantidou

Design Psychology, Social Innovation, Sustainable Design

Dr Mike McAuley

Design Education, Illustration, Storytelling

Dr Michelle Neumann

Educational Technologies, Childhood Education, Literacy Development

Dr Dale Patterson

Digital and Interactive Media, Educational Technologies, Human-Machine Interaction

Dr Rongrong Yu

Design Cognition, Architectural Design, Computational Design Analysis

Adjunct members

Professor Jun Cai

Director of Design Management Lab, Tsinghua University

Professor Nan Cao

Director of Intelligent Big Data Visualisation Lab, Tongji University

Sean Chiu

Director of Design, Alibaba

Sunny Chu

Director of User Experience, Tencent

Professor Cees de Bont

Dean of School of Design, Loughborough University

Professor Alessandro Deserti

Professor of Social Entrepreneurship, Polytechnic University of Milan

Professor Richard Goosens

Head of Industrial Design, Delft University of Technology

Professor Keiichi Sato

Professor of Human-System Integration, Illinois Institute of Technology

Professor Craig Vogel

Director of Centre for Design Research and Innovation, University of Cincinnati

Noam Wolf

Director of Software Engineering, Google

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