Lena Belin

Director, Community Insights, Capability Building, Queensland Public Service Commission

Keynote topic

Unlearning the learned: behavioural insights for better design

Keynote abstract

Design methodologies, like human-centred design, are having a profound impact on the innovation of organisations. The experience of customers and users is beginning to orient organisations from the outside-in, to design from the perspective of people outside the system. Yet, to do this, organisations are finding they need to reform their practices, cultures and beliefs about who they are, and who they have been so far. This includes the practitioners within those organisations. Architects, public servants, doctors, engineers all have views on themselves, how things should be done and who has the agency to change their ways of working. This keynote will suggest that to create truly great services, systems, products and environments, designers need to skilfully help experts rethink their own roles. One way to do this are behavioural insights, methodologies that create deep understanding of what and why people behave the way they do and how they impact experience.

Speaker profile

Dr Lena Belin is a multi-disciplinary consultant, researcher and designer working across behavioural insights and human-centred design. For the past 15 years she has worked extensively with industry and government on the design of human-centred products and services and how to involve end users in this process. She currently works with the Queensland Government on a number of projects addressing complex social issues. This includes the design of environments, systems and services to address the inclusion of people with disabilities in the context of housing, mobility and the workplace; the design of social and service infrastructure in the context of children’s health; and the design of equitable employment systems in the public service. Lena is a Co-Founder of Public research + design, a user-led strategy consultancy for the built environment. Public helps developers, architects, designers and operators by bringing a human-centred approach to the design of spaces and places. Projects that Public has worked on include school master planning and a number of innovative commercial projects addressing the changing needs of communities. Lena has been nominated and accepted into Al Gore’s program on Climate Reality Leadership. Prior, she was a doctoral scholar at the Melbourne Social Equity Institute.

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