Kun Pyo Lee

Chair Professor and Dean, School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Keynote topic

Post-User Experience Design? Some speculative thoughts on future of design education

Keynote abstract

Within the relatively short history of design we have had some lessons learned on how designers cope with new paradigms, and once again, with a new paradigm upon us, all design related stakeholders need to revisit these lessons for opening the next chapter of design's evolution. The new design paradigm brings lots of new possibilities, but at the same time, poses a critical risk of making the existing disciplines obsolete. However, the obsolescence of some old design practices is unavoidable, and we need to actively explore new design methods and processes rather than trying to stick to outdated ones. “Experience” has been one of the major keywords leading design education, research, and practice for the last few decades. However, the types of experience users are having now are very different from those users used to have previously. Users are now interacting with complex systems rather than single product and they no longer just click but begin to talk. In this keynote, some speculative thoughts on future design education including UX are proposed by the comparative review of major components of design education including design methods, processes, and users over the past design paradigms. In addition, some example work, namely Design 3.0 of new vision for future design education will be shared.

Speaker profile

Professor Kun Pyo Lee is Dean of School of Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Before joining Hong Kong Polytechnic University, he was Professor in the Department of Industrial Design, KAIST, South Korea and Director of the Human-Centred Interaction Design Lab for more than 30 years. He is Co-Founder and President Emeritus of IASDR (International Association of Societies of Design Research). He also served as Chief Design Officer (Executive Vice President) of Corporate Design Centre, LG Electronics. He is well known in Asia as an early pioneer in the field of design research, UX design and user-centred design, for which he was recognised as Honorary Fellow of the Design Research Society, and Local Hero at CHI 2015. After returning to KAIST from LG with unique experiences in industry and academia, he has been focusing on establishing a new design education paradigm under the name of Design 3.0.

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