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The world has progressed from a manufacturing economy to a service economy, and to now an experience economy. The Griffith Centre for Design and Innovation Research (CDAIR) aims to foster economic, socio-cultural and technological advancement and to promote sustainability and wellbeing in Australia and beyond through experience design (XD) innovations.

The International Conference of Experience Design, Innovation and Entrepreneurship | 14-16 August 2019


XD takes the users’ cognitive and emotional experience as its starting point and redefines the functionality, meaning and value of products, services and systems, strategically transforming them into highly integrated ecosystems capable of enhancing the sustainability and humaneness of our social and economic environments, while offering industries a competitive edge.

XD changes the nature and environments of physical artefacts by integrating digital systems and resources with the physical world. Users are reached and connected through multiple touchpoints and interactions relevant to their socio-cultural contexts.

XD presupposes new ways of co-creating value through resource integration underpinned by cross-disciplinary coordination and collaboration that is informed by advanced research and development, design and technological capabilities as well as adaptability and personalisation.


CDAIR is an interdisciplinary centre for research and consultancy in XD in relation to service, product, system, media, health and learning. It is a hub of innovation linking XD with other fields such as architecture, business, education, engineering, environment, medicine, psychology and technology.

With an international team comprising world-renowned researchers and designers from Australia, China, Europe, the UK and the US CDAIR aims to:

  • Investigate the trend of XD strategies and practices globally for transforming innovations into competitive advantage
  • Spearhead a paradigm shift in Australia’s XD strategies and practices for maximising economic, socio-cultural and technological gains while promoting sustainability and wellbeing
  • Develop an expert knowledge hub that delivers economic and social dividends and strengthens national and global collaborations.

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CDAIR comprises a world-renowned international team of researchers and designers

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