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Browse our list of current grants, which provide significant funding for our CCEE researchers.

ARC grants

  • Professor Huijun Zhao, Dr Yulin Zhong Professor Hua Zhao, Zhijian Zhuo, Low Cost Solution-Processable 2D Nanomaterials for Smart Windows, ARC Linkage Project, 2017–2020, $813,210.

  • Dr Yulin Zhong, Tailoring Nanocomposites with Controllable Structural-Property Relationship, ARC Discovery Project, 2017–2019, $300,000.
  • Professor Shanqing Zhang, A New Integrated Photo-electrochemical Device Fabrication and Testing System, ARC Linkage - Infrastructure (LIEF), 2015.
  • Professor Huijun Zhao and Professor Shanqing Zhang, A New Management Tool for Effective Wastewater Source Control, ARC Linkage Project grant, 2012–2016, $1.95m.
  • Professor Shanqing Zhang, Designing plasmon-enhances photocatalysts for solar-driven water pollutant removal, ARC Discovery Project (including Fellowship), 2013–2015, $90,000.
  • Professor Huijun Zhao and Haimin Zhang, Photoelectrocatalysis-based Techniques for Bactericidal Applications, ARC Discovery Project (including Fellowship), 2015–2017, $299,970.

ARC Future Fellowships

Professor Zhiyong Tang - Self-Assembly of Inorganic Nanoparticles and Biocatalyst Proteins for Artificial Photosynthesis, ARC Future Fellowships, 2013–2017, $840,673.

Other grants

Professor Huijun Zhao, Dr Yulin Zhong, A Scanning Probe Microscopy System with Precise Environmental Control for in situ Nanofabrication and Characterization, Griffith University Research Infrastructure Program, 2017, $504,000.

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