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Our research encompasses a wide range of interrelated topics, focusing on technological solutions for environmental assessment, redemption and new sources of renewable energy.

Our multifaceted approach to research generates positive environmental outcomes, to help secure a sustainable future for our planet.


We are committed to disseminating our research as widely as possible, through print and online publications. Discover more about our recent findings and research outcomes.

Research themes

Catalyst and catalysis

Enhancements in catalysis and catalytic processes are crucial in providing sufficient supplies of renewable energy. Heterogeneous electrocatalytic gas evolution reactions play a central role for many important clean energy conversion and storage applications.

We work with a number of key industry partners to tackle critical issues by developing high-performance gas evolution electrocatalysts with novel two-dimensional ultrathin nanoporous (2D-UltraTP) structures.

Water resource management

We're investigating novel approaches to water resource management, to provide practical solutions for now and the future.

Nature product chemistry

This theme studies the chemistry of marine invertebrates, plants and marine microorganisms to discovery compounds to treat infectious diseases (prion, bacterial and protozoan) and cancer.

Our researchers also investigate the chemical aspects of microbe/marine invertebrate symbiosis, chemical diversity in relation to marine invertebrate and plant biodiversity, chemotaxonomic relationships within plants and marine organisms, and chemical ecology.

Energy storage and conservation

This theme focuses on the development of sustainable, longevity and low-cost energy storage devices, including lithium ion battery, lithium-sulfur battery, lithium-air battery, sodium ion battery and supercapacitors by innovating the cell fabrication, electrode materials manufacturing and intelligent binders.

The theme has also set up extensive partnerships with lithium ion battery companies and electrode materials manufacturers.

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