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The Centre for Catalysis and Clean Energy brings together key research staff across a diverse range of specialty areas.

Our remarkable expertise equip the Centre with the strength and capability to conduct excellent research across large-scale, complex environmental fields.

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Professor Huijun Zhao

Professor Huijun Zhao is Director of the Centre for Catalysis and Clean Energy, a research centre situated within the Environmental Futures Research Institute. CCE focuses on innovative chemical and nano-technological approaches to understand the effects of pollutants within the aquatic environment and soils, and renewable green energy sources.

Our researchers and their expertise

Professor Anthony (Tony) Carroll

Invertebrate biology, marine and estuarine ecology, medicinal and biomolecular chemistry, natural products chemistry and organic chemistry

Dr Shan Chen

Research interests in optoelectronic devices based on novel functional semiconductor materials (such as 2D materials, conducting polymers and perovskites) and interface structural design.

Dr Yuhai Dou

Synthesis and characterisation of atomically thin 2D nanomaterials, nanomaterials for electrocatalysis, nanomaterials for rechargable batteries.

Dr Liang Wang

Post Doctoral Research Fellow his work focuses on Structural Engineering of 2D Layered Nano-materials for Energy-related Catalysis Electrocatalysis and Photocatalysis

Dr Porun Liu

Nanofabrication of inorganic, hybrid materials; photocatalysis, photoelectrocatalysis, DSSCs, fuel cells.

Dr Mohammad Al-Mamun

Oxygen evolution reaction, hydrogen evolution reaction, oxygen reduction reaction and dye-sensitised solar cells.

Dr Ge Shi

Research expertise includes Nanoparticles, Graphene related 2D materials, Wearable electronic devices.

Dr Munkhbayar Batmunkh

Research interests in Materials science, functional materials, 2D materials, carbon materials, energy storage/conversion, photovoltaic, perovskite solar cells, dye-sensitised solar cells, heterojunctional solar cells, electrocatalysis

Professor Zhiyong Tang

Controlled synthesis and assembly of nano materials, optoelectronic properties of nano materials, biological application of nano materials.

Professor Dan Wang

Inorganic synthesis chemistry and technology, hydrothermal chemistry and technology, structure chemistry.

Dr Yun Wang

Heterogeneous catalysis and renewable energy.

Dr Huajie Yin

Synthesis methods of different nanostructured materials and instrument operation of TEM, SEM, XRD, Raman, AFM, UV-vis, fluorescence spectrometer electrochemical workstation.

Dr Lei Zhang

Energy storage materials and second batteries, carbon-based/2D materials for electrocatalysis, functional polymer materials.

Professor Shanqing Zhang

Synthesis of nanostructured materials, photoelectrocatalytic system for water quality monitoring, photocatalytic degradation and detoxification of organic contaminants.

Dr Van Dau

Electrohydrodynamics, micro/nano printing, atomisation, aerosol, flexible electronics and MEMS/NEMS

Dr Yulin Zhong

Graphene research and inorganic chemistry.

Research fellows

  • Hao (Eric) Lin
  • Tianling Li
  • Melissa Winnel

Visiting scholars

  • Zhonghui Gao
  • Tiefeng  Liu
  • Lixue Jiang
  • Professor Xintai Su
  • You Wang
  • Lijuan Zhang

Adjunct members

  • Dr Chao Lai
  • Sheng Li
  • Professor Huagui Yang

Centre administration

  • Christina Perry


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