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CCEE Director, Professor Huijun Zhao, has been honoured for Research Leadership in the 2015 Vice Chancellor's Research Excellence Awards. “It is a great honour, both personally and because I see this recognition as feeding into the University’s strategy and philosophy,” says Professor Zhao. “Research creates knowledge and knowledge is power. It makes you, your society and your country more learned and hopefully wiser.”

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Solar cells shine with molecular breakthrough

CCEE scientists have developed a molecular waterproofing technique to improve the humidity tolerance of new solar cell technology. The breakthrough was published in the Nature Energy publication and is an important step towards large-scale production of high-performance perovskite-based devices.

Griffith, Chinese Academy of Sciences sign MoU

Griffith University scientists, postgraduate students and young researchers will be among the beneficiaries of a Memorandum of Understanding signed between Griffith and the world’s largest research group, the Chinese Academy of Sciences. World-leading scientists from Australia, Asia, Europe and the US gathered on the Gold Coast for the event which was hosted by Griffith’s Centre for Clean Environment and Energy.

CCEE Director, Professor Huijun Zhao, said the Memorandum of Understanding was an important development on a number of levels. “The Chinese Academy of Sciences is the world’s largest research body and it produces a high volume of high quality research in all aspects of science,” he said.

Forums join world-class scientists

The first International Energy and Environmental Materials Forum and third Inorganic Nanomaterials Forum was held at Mantra Legends Hotel and Conference Centre on the Gold Coast between 2–6 February 2016.

These forums brought together world-leading scientists in the fields of energy and environmental materials, inorganic chemistry and nanomaterials. Experts shared the most advanced scientific ideas and findings in their related fields, facilitating the development of enabling technological solutions, contributing to a clean, resilient and sustainable future global environmental and energy needs.

Asian Pacific Conference on Energy and Environmental Materials

The Asian Pacific Conference on Energy and Environmental Materials was held on the Gold Coast between 9–11 February 2014.

The conference brought together leading scientists in the fields of clean energy and environmental materials from AsiaPacific Region, USA and Europe to present recent advancements in energy conversion and storage materials, photocatalysts for environmental applications, functional biomaterials, novel applications of functional materials, novel fabrication methods and computational design of functional materials.

Australia-China Joint Laboratory for Energy and Environmental Materials

The official opening of the Australia-China Joint Laboratory for Energy and Environmental Materials was held on 18 February 2013 at Griffith's Gold Coast campus.

The world-class research facility will provide an opportunity for collaboration on solutions to challenging global and environmental issues. The unveiling of the plaque was attended by 60 leading scientists from China, USA and Australia.

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