Solving key environmental challenges from a multidisciplinary perspective

Our expertise, knowledge and superb facilities equip the Centre with the strength and capability to deliver remarkable research outcomes.

Established in 2010, we specialised in environment and pollution chemistry, environmental microbiology, geochemistry, sensing technology, electrochemistry, biochemistry and biotechnology, photochemistry and photocatalysis, membrane science and nanotechnology.

In 2021 the centre underwent a name change to reflect the expertise of its members and is now The Centre for Catalysis and Clean Energy an independent centre within Griffith University with members from the Sciences Group.


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Global collaboration is critical to our overall research success at CCE. We work closely with a number of national and international institutes and researchers in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Europe and the US. Through these strong ties and active research collaborations, the  Centre for Catalysis and Clean Energy is able to access an extended bank of world-class facilities.

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