Harnessing sustainable solutions for a healthier future

The Centre for Clean Environment and Energy is a strategic platform for multidisciplinary research and innovation in the area of environmental sustainability.

Our overarching goal is to deliver positive research outcomes that help drive healthy, clean and sustainable environments, both now and in the future.

We focus on innovative chemical, microbiological and nano-technological approaches to better understand the effects of pollutants within aquatic environments and soils, and renewable green energy sources.

The Centre forms part of Griffith University's Environmental Futures Research Institute.

Major research activity

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The Centre of Clean Environment and Energy forms part of the Environmental Futures Research Institute, which seeks to learn from the past and explore new scientific areas to inform sustainable living for the future.

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Professor Huijun Zhao talks about the research at the Centre for Clean Environment and Energy and the attraction of working in research on the Gold Coast.


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