Register with Unitemps Griffith—our exciting new recruitment service for Griffith students. We’re seeking great candidates to put forward for part–time, casual and temporary employment opportunities. Ensure you have a complete Unitemps candidate profile including:

  • Up to date details
  • Industry standard resume
  • The type of work you are looking for
  • Two referees

Remember to refer to our resources and support services offered by the Careers and Employment Service including Job search seminars, career appointments, online career resources and resume workshops. Find out more here.

What do I do once I am registered? Will I hear from Unitemps immediately?

Once you have registered and uploaded the information necessary to become a candidate you will not hear from us until you have applied and been shortlisted for positions. We will then contact you to arrange a pre-employment appointment in which we’ll give you all the information you need about the job and attending an interview. After the recruitment process is finalised, we will let you know if you are the successful applicant.

Is Unitemps available to non-Griffith Students?

No. We are offering our employment opportunities to enrolled Griffith students, recent graduates and Griffith alumni (depending on employer demand for alumni).

Do I need to have an industry standard resume?

Yes! The job market is competitive so you need to ensure you have a professional, easy to read resume for employers as this is often their first impression of you. You can upload multiple resumes for different types of work e.g. one for general work such as retail or hospitality and another to apply for positions related to your profession. Find example resumes here.

I applied for a job. When will I hear back?

You can check the progress of your application online. Log in to your Unitemps account and search on My Applications.

Does Unitemps guarantee placement in a job?

No. You will be placed in a job if you are assessed as being the best candidate for the job. You can give yourself the best possible chance of succeeding by keeping your registration accurate and up to date and making use of Careers and Employment Service resources to create an excellent resume or resumes (you can upload multiple resumes for different types of work). Keep an eye out for jobs being posted on the Unitemps Griffith website and apply for those that interest you and suit your skills and situation.

Will I get email or job alert notifications?

You will not receive automatic job alert emails. You need to be proactive and check online for current vacancies. We will, however, contact you if we are actively looking for candidates with your skills and experience and from time to time we will email you helpful application and job search tips.

What kind of jobs will be available?

A variety of general and degree-related jobs will become available throughout the year including casual, temporary, part-time and graduate roles across a range of different industries. At Unitemps our aim is to open the door to opportunities for employment for our students to help you gain valuable workplace experience to increase employability and hopefully pave the way to a successful and satisfying career path!