Unitemps is an employment agency based within Griffith University

Unitemps is an employment agency based within Griffith University. We help employers to meet their business demands through tailored staffing solutions sourced from Griffith students and graduates, filling roles from casual to full-time and everything in between.

Why choose Unitemps

Our consultants are ethical. They do not get paid commission but are driven purely by providing our clients with the best possible service and sourcing the best quality candidates. Our candidates, sourced from the Griffith student and graduate community, have made learning their business. Expect them to be adaptable and welcoming to new information, ideas or approaches and to be at ease with changing technologies.

Our services

We can do the legwork for you in finding your next best employee, allowing you to concentrate on your key business operations and management of existing staff. Our helpful consultants listen to your needs, including advertising, sourcing, screening and shortlisting prospective candidates and arranging interviews.

Unitemps news

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Contact Griffith Unitemps

Email us at unitemps@griffith.edu.au or call or visit our Brisbane or Gold Coast office.


07 3735 7099

N 53, 170 Kessels Road, Nathan, Qld

Gold Coast

07 5552 7152

G33, Parklands Drive, Southport, Qld