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We are all being forced to take more responsibility for the trajectory of our careers and the level of satisfaction and success we derive from our work. Traditional ideas of what a career is or should be and how you go about creating one don’t seem to work very well anymore. How can you take ownership of your career when so little of what has been before and what exists today can be counted on to be there tomorrow?

The old-school approach to careers was to pick the job you want to have three or four years from now and then work diligently until you get there. This approach just isn’t working as well as it used to. It worked well for our parents, but that was then and this is now. So what can you do about it?

Choose an entrepreneurial career instead!

What is an entrepreneurial career?

The entrepreneurial career is more of a story and less of a path or even a series of steps. When you choose the entrepreneurial career you are choosing to take control of your career. You are the author of your story and you decide what the chapters will be.

If the old way of thinking about a career was the career ladder, the entrepreneurial career is a go-anywhere quad bike. The entrepreneurial career is responsive, flexible, opportunistic and full of surprises. But just like riding a real quad bike, you'll need some new skills to get the most out of this new style of career.

Who is the entrepreneurial career for?

The entrepreneurial career is for anyone who wants to be in the driver’s seat of their career.

It isn’t just for people who want to be self-employed or start their own business.

Anyone can follow an entrepreneurial career can be because it is more of a mindset than a type of work.

Embrace innovation

Griffith Innovate has a number of opportunities to help you develop enterprise skills and innovative approaches that will complement your studies and future-proof your career. You can study innovation and entrepreneurship as part of your degree or just dip your toe in via workshops and events. Explore the options at Griffith Innovate.

Griffith Innovate

Speak to a consultant

At the Careers and Employment Service here at Griffith University, we're committed to improving the employability of all students. We can provide you with the tools, information, practices and strategies for embracing the entrepreneurial career. Take the next step and make an appointment with one of our Career Development Consultants.

Get connected

Being connected is a big deal when it comes to embracing the entrepreneurial career. We’ve provided links to some of the on-campus groups you may want to check out.

Griffith Employment Relations and Human Resources Management Society Nathan

Connecting tomorrow's leaders with today's professionals, Griffith Employment Relations, Human Resources and Management Society is the bridge between alumni and current students with industry professionals.


Griffith Employment Relations and Human Resource Management Society Gold Coast

This group's mission is to provide a mutually supportive environment in which every member has the opportunity to develop their personal and professional abilities. The group provides resources to foster personal growth and improve members' employability.


Griffith Business Students Association

This club is the student arm of the Griffith Business School and provides a welcoming environment for all GBS students, assisting them in forming strong social networks on university campus.


Griffith University Association of Commerce Gold Coast

This society aims to inspire and support the student body by bridging the gap between academia and industry.


Griffith University Association of Commerce Nathan

Griffith University Association of Commerce supports students’ professional development, employability, engagement and interaction. The club's aim is to encourage student participation within industry, facilitate development of networking skills and provide opportunities to exercise student knowledge in real-life applications and events.


Ladies in Technology, Engineering and Science Society

This club supports women studying in fields such as information technology, engineering, biological and physical sciences, aviation, environmental studies, psychology, urban planning, forensics and other related fields. The Society aims to provide opportunities for members to connect with other women in similar fields, across disciplines and year levels at Griffith University and with similar clubs at other Universities. It also aims to connect current students with previous graduates and industry.


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