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The Griffith Industry Insights Series brings the experience and insight of our community of mentors to wherever you are and makes career development learning accessible to all.

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What is the Industry Insights Series?

The Industry Insights Series is a monthly webinar that draws on the experience of our vast community of mentors.

The series was launched to provide a platform for students to engage with experts from their field, breaking down the barriers that can stand between students and professional networks. Each session explores future directions of the focus industry and examines opportunities that will come from current-day challenges.


The Griffith Industry Mentoring Program is a community of professionals with an unrivalled breadth of experience that you can tap into through participation in the T1 and T2 Mentoring Sessions or through the Industry Insights Series.

In these monthly webinars, professionals get real about their industry, explore emerging trends and highlight the key skills needed to succeed in your future career.

Upcoming Industry Insight Series

FocusDateTimeRegistration for studentsRegistration for non-students
Mental Health and Wellbeing: Managing the Side Effects of a PandemicFebruary 20214
 pm – 5 pm

Please note: Registrations open about a month before each event.

Further events will be added to the calendar in January 2021.

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