Associate Associate Professor Jun Zhou

Dr Zhou researches in the areas of image processing, computer vision, and pattern recognition with a focus on hyperspectral imaging, novel imaging technology and image processing methods for the light wavelengths beyond the human visible capability and is a leading researcher and pioneer in the field of hyperspectral computer vision.

He has led his research team in developing methods for hyperspectral image processing, pattern recognition, and machine learning that can be used and applied in agriculture, medicine, and environmental monitoring.  His research on hyperspectral computer vison forms a key technology adopted in the recently successful ARC Industrial Transformation Hub project application entitled “ARC Research Hub for Driving Farming Productivity and Disease Prevention”. Dr Zhou’s research in hyperspectral imaging contributes to a number of research tasks, such as monitoring the growth stage of bay lobsters and early detection of crop diseases. He is also chief investigator on the ARC Linkage Project on “Precise recognition for automated harvesting and grading of strawberries”. Dr Zhou has published 102 papers over the last 5 years, including 1 book, 2 book chapters, 37 journal articles, and 62 conference papers.

Associate Professor Tara McGee

Associate Professor McGee's research focuses on the development of offending over the life-course as well as developmental crime prevention.

Her greatest contribution is in the area of understanding the development of antisocial behaviour and offending over the life course. Her work on adult-onset offending was the first research to show that many people who are first detected by the criminal justice system as adults have offended previously without being caught.

She has held an ARC DECRA for the project Offending across the life-course: Testing developmental and life-course theories of crime and is currently a Chief Investigator on an ARC Linkage project on Creating pathways to child wellbeing in disadvantaged communities.  

She has published 2 edited books; 1 co-authored book; 18 book chapters; 22 peer-reviewed journal articles; 3 published conference papers; 10 reports for the Criminal Justice Commission; and 5 reports for government agencies.