Woody riparian weed removal represents a key management action undertaken by land mand managers in South-east Queensland and beyond.  Removal of woody weeds is typically conducted based on a series of assumptions. First, that such interventions will indeed remove these weeds. Second, that weed removal will promote native plant growth and third, that woody weed removal will result in improved riparian ecosystem function (e.g. stream buffering capacity etc.). These assumptions have rarely been tested, however. This project will involve field, glasshouse and laboratory studies to investigate riparian ecosystem responses to woody weed removal including biodiversity and functional outcomes.

Scholarship supervisor(s): A/Prof Samantha Capon and Dr Hannah Franklin

$6,000, paid in instalments.  These funds are not for research activities and are to support the student undertaking Honours.

GPA of 6 in their undergraduate program; enrolled full-time; study in consecutive trimesters and maintain a minimum GPA of 6.

This scholarship will be offered to commence in T1, 2021.  If there is not a successful applicant for T1, the scholarship will be offered again in T2, 2021.

Email A/Prof Sam Capon: or Dr Hannah Franklin:

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