This scholarship would provide the opportunity to work with researchers on a multidisciplinary project on nutrient offsetting recently funded by ARC Linkage project. This project is a collaboration with the water industry, and government agencies. The research would involve field and laboratory experiments to determine the environmental effects of nutrients discharged from point sources, such as sewage treatment plants, and non-point sources, such as erosion runoff.

Scholarship supervisor(s): Prof Michele Burford

$6,000, paid in instalments.  These funds are not for research activities and are to support the student undertaking Honours.

GPA of 6 in their undergraduate program; enrolled full-time; study in consecutive trimesters and maintain a minimum GPA of 6.

This scholarship will be offered to commence in T1, 2021.  If there is not a successful applicant for T1, the scholarship will be offered again in T2, 2021.

Email Prof Michele Burford:

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