In this project, the student will work with a new generation of optical sensors that can be deployed in-situ, to collect high-frequency real-time water quality data. The student will collaborate and be supported by a number of Griffith research staff members who are involved in related projects co-sponsored by e.g. water utilities and city councils. Benefits of a successful Honours project include a better understanding of water quality trends and variations in our rivers and lakes, leading to safer drinking and recreational waters.

Scholarship supervisor(s): Dr Edoardo Bertone

$6,000, paid in instalments.  These funds are not for research activities and are to support the student undertaking Honours.

GPA of 6 in their undergraduate program; enrolled full-time; study in consecutive trimesters and maintain a minimum GPA of 6.

This scholarship will be offered to commence in T1, 2021.  If there is not a successful applicant for T1, the scholarship will be offered again in T2, 2021.

Email Dr Edoardo Bertone: e.bertone@griffith.edu.au

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