Sediment and nutrients released by erosion processes are transported in river flow and ultimately delivered to river mouths. Such processes are involved in damaging coral platforms along the Queensland coast, on which data is being collected. An objective of this scholarship could be to both participate in the analysis of such data collection, but also contribute to the development of models designed to better understand the processes affecting such delivery, distribution and consequences of river-borne sediment and associated nutrients.

Scholarship supervisor(s): tbc

$6,000, paid in instalments.  These funds are not for research activities and are to support the student undertaking Honours.

GPA of 6 in their undergraduate program; enrolled full-time; study in consecutive trimesters and maintain a minimum GPA of 6.

This scholarship will be offered to commence in T1, 2021.  If there is not a successful applicant for T1, the scholarship will be offered again in T2, 2021.

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