Describing and predicting responses to environmental changes

We specialise in describing and predicting the response of aquatic ecosystems to environmental change using ecosystem models. We draw on ARI’s expertise across natural and social sciences, and apply models to bring an interdisciplinary perspective.

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We provide quantitative advice to inform decisions on the management of aquatic ecosystems

Quantitative assessments of human impacts on ecosystems are now an integral component of environmental planning and policy. Our modelling supports environmental decision-makers in finding the most effective way to mitigate human impacts.

We reconcile ecological and jurisdictional boundaries to predict effects of disturbances

Modelling allows synthesis of disparate data-sets and quantification of cross-system connections, like the flow of water from rivers to the sea. Our modelling is fundamental to environmental planning. It provides local, regional or global assessments of cumulative impacts of humans on ecosystems in an era of rapid environmental change.

Tools to balance human needs for water and ecological resources with the needs of ecosystems

We develop cross-disciplinary models of ecosystem integrity that simultaneously evaluate economic benefits of resource use and impacts of resource extraction. Skilled applications of these models help managers make informed decisions that balance human-derived services with biodiversity and habitat conservation.

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