Land and water resources are a key determinant of the aquatic ecosystem’s health

We provide a framework for protecting and sustaining water quality and quality at the catchment scale. Our research explores how improved land management, including agricultural and mining practices, can reduce pollution and improve river health.

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We provide solutions for land managers to reduce carbon and nutrient footprints

Applications of new and existing knowledge are embedded into action plans to enable sustainable water management practices in the agriculture and mining industries

We enhance monitoring capability

Through improvements in sensor technologies and by developing sensitive indicators for use in soil and water, we provide underpinning knowledge of biogeochemical and hydrological processes in soil and water, including cycles of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and micronutrients.

We contribute plans for managing wastewater in mining rehabilitation sites

Reducing contaminant delivery to downstream aquatic systems is critical for demonstrating sustainable practices in the mining industry. We have specialist expertise to contain contaminants specific to different types of mining operations.

We help protect the Great Barrier Reef

Our assessments of land-based pollution are fundamental to mitigating the effects of diffuse pollution on the Great Barrier Reef.  We have tools to trace sources of nutrients across catchments and to assess the capacity of wetlands and other natural and engineering systems to reduce nutrient inputs to this sensitive ecosystem.

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