Support and services available to external academic institutions and organisations as well as Griffith University students and researchers

The Stable Isotope Laboratory (SIL) at Griffith University provides services to the research community. This includes scientists and students at Griffith as well as other academic institutions and organisations both nationally and internationally in the areas of biogeochemistry, agronomy, ecology, geology, atmospheric science, microbiology and nutrition. Established in the 1990s, and located in the Australian Rivers Institute, Nathan Campus, the laboratory has strong connections with both industry and government combined with an outstanding record of academic research.

We pride ourselves on covering the complete cycle from preparation to analysis of the stable isotopes in geological and environmental samples.

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Our Facility

Our facility is a university research laboratory, so we have experience in a wide range of sample preparation and analyses. We regularly runs thousands of samples a year, as well as provide additional specialised services.

Currently, the SIL operates three gas-source mass spectrometers with various peripheral devices for the analysis of inorganic and organic materials, and includes facilities for fieldwork staging, sample preparation, data reduction, and data analysis.

We’re dedicated to providing comprehensive research advice, including fieldwork planning. Additionally, we undertake sample preparation and analysis of a suite of different types of samples, with a range of different isotopes. Our operations have helped contribute to high quality output from scientific researchers within Griffith University and the wider scientific community.

Moving into the future, we look forward to announcing some innovative new methods and services, in order to provide top level analytical support to facilitate research performance.


SIL provides routine δ 15N-nitrogen and δ 13C-carbon isotope analyses of solid materials, including soils, plant and animal tissues, using a Sercon Hydra 20-22 with a Europa EA-GSL sample preparation system.

In addition, our recently upgraded Europa Scientific Hydra 20-20 IRMS, has doubled our capacity to run samples and shorten turn-around times for data releases.

The lab also provides additional specialised services, such as δ34S-sulfur, δ15N nitrogen gas analysis, and liquid HD-hydrogen deuterium and/or 18O-oxygen. We also offer a range of sample preparation services, including drying, grinding and weighing, if required.

For specialised analyses, we recommend you contact us directly at to discuss your specific requirements.

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Phone Enquries: +61 7 3735 3816