Freshwater and coastal ecosystems, and the essential services they provide, are under considerable pressure from human activities around the globe. Unsustainable use of water resources, urban and industrial pollution, overexploitation of fisheries, and the impacts of changing land use and climate pose enormous challenges for society. The Australian Rivers Institute (ARI) is dedicated to research and education that aims to tackle these challenges. We take a catchment-to-coast perspective, not only undertaking research on the underlying biophysical processes but also on important social, cultural, and economic dimensions. Our multidisciplinary team looks for solutions to protect aquatic biodiversity and repair degraded catchments, rivers, wetlands and coastal ecosystems. We develop modelling tools to explore management scenarios, and innovative tools to monitor and report on the success of on-ground management actions. Importantly, we provide a creative, inclusive and collaborative environment to nurture our staff and students, and train them to become leaders in the water industry, government and the scientific community. I invite you to find out more about the remarkable work our staff and students do, and encourage you to get in touch if you wish to explore opportunities to join us.

Professor Stuart Bunn

Director of the Australian Rivers Institute - Griffith University

About the Director

Professor Stuart Bunn is the Director of the Australian Rivers Institute at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia. His major research interests are in the ecology of river and wetland systems with a particular focus on the science to underpin river management, and he has published widely on this topic.

Stuart has extensive experience working with international and Australian government agencies and with industry on water resource management issues. He was recently appointed as a member of the Murray-Darling Basin Authority and has previously served as an Australian National Water Commissioner, the Chair of the Scientific Advisory Panel for the Lake Eyre Basin Ministerial Forum, and as a Director of Land and Water Australia. He also chairs the Science Committee for Healthy Land and Water Limited and is a member of the International Planning Committee for the Sustainable Water Future Programme.

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