Fresh perspectives on key issues affecting Australia and its neighbourhood

First launched in 2018, the annual State of the Neighbourhood report places emphasis on Australia’s near neighbourhood of South East Asia and the South Pacific and seeks to inform government policy makers and industry leaders of the key thematic areas of Griffith Asia Institute’s research: politics, economics, security, governance, development and diplomacy in the Asia Pacific.

The report provides an opportunity to recast some of Australia’s key foreign, economic and development issues from a distinctively Queensland perspective.

Our objective in publishing this collection is to share our research insights and encourage informed community debate on Australia’s engagement in the Asia Pacific.

State of the Neighbourhood 2019

Professor Caitlin Byrne

2019 State of the Neighbourhood

Topics include:

  • One belt, one road, many tests (Rowan Callick)
  • Asia Pacific 2020 economic outlook (Tony Makin)
  • The state in the neighbourhood: A snapshot of Queensland’s engagement in the Asia Pacific (Caitlin Byrne)
  • The state of the step-up: Australia’s engagement with the Pacific (Tess Newton Cain)
  • Assessing the state of the rule of law in South East Asia (Lucy West and Leong Tsu Quin)
  • Climate adaptation and businesses: The case for private sector leadership in the Asia Pacific (Johanna Nalau)
  • Environmentally sustainable water management in the Asia Pacific (Stuart Bunn, Mark Kennard and Sue Jackson)

2018 State of the Neighbourhood

Topics include:

  • The neighbourhood in a state (Rowan Callick)
  • Asia Pacific economic outlook (Tony Makin)
  • New rules for the neighbourhood? The rise and rise of China's cities (Susan Harris Rimmer and Charuka Ekanayake)
  • The NAIM Arc: Shared interests and common concerns under a changing climate (Brendan Mackey)
  • Why health diplomacy in the Asia Pacific matters (Sara E Davies)


The State of the Neighbourhood report is launched in conjunction with the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) The Neighbourhood forum. CEDA is a respected independent national organisation with an engaged cross-sector membership.

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