Building cooperative partnerships in the Indo-Pacific

The Griffith Asia Institute Australia-Japan-India Trilateral dialogues were launched in 2017 and are sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and supported by the Consulate-General of Japan, Brisbane.

2019 Dialogue

Leadership, partnership and ASEAN centrality in the emerging Indo-Pacific

The 2019 dialogue built on previous debates and themes concerning regional security and strategic dynamics, by focusing in on the challenges facing Australia, Japan and India as they seek to demonstrate leadership and build cooperative partnerships in the Indo-Pacific. The 2019 dialogue was notably different, in that it brought Southeast Asian voices and perspectives to the table to consider ASEAN's role in the Indo-Pacific.


Discussions were centred around the following themes:

  • Changing leadership dynamics of the Indo-Pacific: implications for the strategic landscape
  • From leadership to partnership: risks and rewards of a more inclusive Indo-Pacifc
  • Towards centrality or drifting away: prospects for ASEAN leadership in the Indo-Pacific
  • Challenges and disruptions: effective leadership in an age of uncertainty


Commentaries in this document are informed by discussions had at the Griffith Asia Institute Australia-Japan-India Trilateral Dialogue held in Brisbane in July 2019.

2019 Photo gallery

2018 Dialogue

The evolving strategic dynamics of the Indo-Pacific

Strategic and tactical behaviour within the Indo-Pacific region appears to be changing in ways that until recently were mostly absent from the regional security landscape. As the regional distribution of economic and military power has shifted, so too have the interests and security concerns of many states. This dialogue examined the extent to which the above types of strategic and tactical behaviour among states in the Indo-Pacific can be demonstrated to already have emerged, or will soon emerge.


Discussions were centred around the following themes:

  • Ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons
  • Paramilitaries and grey zone warfare
  • Economic statecraft
  • Influence operations


Japan’s engagement in China’s Belt and Road initiative

2018 Photo gallery

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2017 dialogue

Strengthening the rules based order in the Indo-Pacific: Opportunities and challenges


This dialogue examined the origins, understandings, and present condition of this often cited, but under specified, notion of a 'rules-based order'. The conference focused in particular on how it is understood, and the specific ways in which Australian, Indian, and Japanese governments believe it underpins regional security in the Indo-Asia-Pacific. It also explored the ways in which this order might—on the basis of a more explicit statement of its sources and character—be strengthened by leading states in the region working singularly, bilaterally, or in mini and multilateral settings.


  • An evolving rule-based order in the Indo-Asia-Pacific
  • Challenges to strengthening the current order
  • Individual and collaborative roles in order building
  • Minilateral groupings and strategic partnerships: is half of a security diamond possible?
  • Regional institutions and regimes: opportunities and problems

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