Promoting the Australia-Japan bilateral relationship

The Australia-Japan Dialogue brings together government representatives from both countries with academic and think tank experts from a variety of institutions in Australia, Japan, the ASEAN states, and the United States to better understand the nature and drivers of the relationship, and discuss issues of contemporary importance and relevance.

The Australia-Japan Dialogue is an annual 1.5 Track event first hosted by the Griffith Asia Institute in 2011. Since then the Dialogue has been convened each year with generous support from both the Japan Foundation and the Australia-Japan Foundation and with the participation of high-level representatives from the Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.


  • To promote the bilateral Australia-Japan relationship.
  • To promote discussion and debate on issues of common importance between Australia and Japan and for the wider region.
  • To encourage and facilitate deeper understanding and engagement between Australian and Japanese society, institutions, and government.
  • To develop and maintain an established network of Australian, Japanese, and other regional experts and scholars.
  • To promote collaborative research and publication on the bi-lateral relationship and its significance in the broader region.

Past Dialogues

The Past Dialogues have focused on the bilateral relationship’s common priorities, challenges and opportunities across a range of issue areas including, disaster management, security cooperation, and energy security.

The Dialogues produce policy briefs that are distributed to government, think tanks, and other relevant institutions.

Papers presented at the Dialogues have also been published as stand-alone journal articles, in journal special issues and edited volumes, and in leading media outlets.

Trilateral Dialogues and public lectures

The Griffith Asia Institute’s strong cooperative relationship with Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and partnerships with other research institutions, such as the Japan Institute of International Affairs, has led to the creation of an annual Australia-Japan lecture series hosted in Brisbane, and a series of annual Trilateral Dialogues with India, with the generous support of the Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which began in 2017.

The Trilateral Dialogues also produce policy briefs, journal articles, and media posts.

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Selected publications arising from the Dialogues

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