Promoting cross-border collaboration and engagement

The Griffith Asia Institute has strong partnerships and affiliations with think tanks, government and industry professionals.

Our global collaboration is part of Griffith University’s strategic commitment to enhancing our ties with the Asia–Pacific region and to consolidate our reputation as one of Australia’s most Asia-engaged universities.

In addition to our wide-reaching partnerships, GAI coordinates large-scale outreach events, including international dialogues and public seminars.

Perspectives: Asia

Our program of public seminars hosted by GAI and the Queensland Art Gallery’s Australian Centre of Asia Pacific Art promotes cultural awareness and understanding.

Asia Future Fellows Program

Our Asia Future Fellows Program is a global mobility initiative that promotes educational and cultural understanding between Australia and China.

Collaborative Australia-Indonesia Program for Sustainable Development and Climate Change

The Program facilitates high level bilateral dialogues, multidisciplinary research collaborations, higher degree research support and student mobility opportunities.

International dialogues

We continue to hold high-profile dialogue events in partnership with government, university and industry representatives across the Asia–Pacific region. Our partner countries include:

Connect and collaborate

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