Ruha Fifita was born and raised in the Island Kingdom of Tonga and continues to engage with the Pacific region as an interdisciplinary artist, Co-founder of the Pacific art research collective - IVI Designs, and through her work as the Curatorial Assistant for Pacific Art at the Queensland state Gallery |Gallery of Modern Art. In 2006, whilst still living in Tonga, Ruha co-founded ON THE SPOT Inc. (OTS) - a community-based arts organisation – with the initial focus of engaging youth in creative projects aimed at contributing to the achievement of the 2015 Millennium Development Goals at the local level.

As an artist, she works closely with her siblings and extended family, developing a practice which focuses on collaboration, community engagement and connection with indigenous methods and materials. Her creative work has afforded her many opportunities to work, engage in discourses and exhibit throughout the Pacific region in settings such as the Auckland Art Festival, Pataka Art Gallery, The National Gallery of Victoria, and the Tjibaou Cultural Centre. The various endeavours she continues to engage in are linked as she consciously pursues opportunities to learn about some key questions, perhaps most simply summarised as; what is the role of religion, the role of young people and the role of the arts and artists in contributing to the spiritual and material advancement of civilisation?