Thematic research for capacity building

The Griffith University-South Pacific central banks collaborative research involves conceptualisation, framing, design and analysis of key economic research questions of relevance to policy making in the South Pacific region. The MoU partner central banks (Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu) and Griffith University have jointly adopted the following broad research themes for the capacity building program:

  1. Macroeconomics: topics include but not limited to—monetary policy, foreign exchange, trade, economic growth, investments, exchange rate stability, debt sustainability
  2. Financial development and stability: topics include but not limited to—financial inclusion, financial sector development, financial markets, financial regulation and supervision, remittances, microfinance, SMEs, fintech, affordable housing, economic integration
  3. Economic resilience: topics include but not limited to—tourism, poverty and livelihood, climate change, agriculture, natural resources, cyber security, risk management, labour market, income distribution

Joint papers with South Pacific central banks (published)

Working papers in progress

Reserve Bank of Fiji

  • Tuisawau, M., A. Taito, J. Kakhkharov, L. Nguyen, P. Sharma, A. Kanasalusalu and M. Cama, Remittances in Fiji
  • Tuicakau, A., C. Waqabaca and J. J. Su. Interest rate pass through in Fiji
  • Wainiqolo, I., S. Kirpal. A comparison of affordable and upper-level segments of the housing sector in the South Pacific
  • Narain, D. K. Rogoiruwai. An assessment of economic growth in the region: last 50 years
  • Prasad K., S. Karan, S. Alam and P. Sharma. Financial development and health in Fiji

Reserve Bank of Vanuatu

  • Moli, C., G. Siri, S. Alam and P. Sharma. Financial access, depth, efficiency and stability: the case of a PIC on a global scale
  • Ragon, L., P. Sharma, and J. J. Su. Determinants of private sector growth in Vanuatu
  • Fabiano Vinabit, Alumeci Kaltongga, Lan Nguyen, Parmendra Sharma, Remittances in Vanuatu
  • Robert Peter, Henderson Tagaro, Eduardo Roca, Nirodha Jayawardena, Prince Acheampong, A whole of life approach to the housing sector in Vanuatu
  • Gloria Siri, Mark Mera, Son Nghiem, Parmendra Sharma, Banking efficiency in Vanuatu

Central Bank of Solomon Islands

  • Takana, V., A. H. Bataanisia, and T. Singh. Role and implications of inflation expectation in Solomon islands
  • Takana, V., S. Iro, L. Suti and P. Sharma, Banking reforms and performance in PICs; the case of SLB
  • Pita, M., A. H. Bataanisia, S. Alam, and P. Sharma. Depth and efficiency of SI financial sector on a global scale
  • Takana, V., A. H. Bataanisia, J. Toito’ona, S. Takana. A whole of life approach to the housing sector in the South Pacific
  • Pita, M., S. Iro, L. Suti, S. Nghiem, P. Sharma. Banking efficiency in Solomon Islands
  • Loea, M., J. Boe, L. Nguyen, J. J. Su. Credit constraints of the SME sector in Solomon Islands

Bank of Papua New Guinea

  • Chowdhury, R., J. Yabom, and T. Singh. Foreign exchange shortage in Papua New Guinea: Is devaluation an option?
  • Kasingu, S., G. Sabok, D. Tuam, J. Hamua and J. J Su. Determinants of private sector credit in PNG
  • Aipi, B., L. Aba, E. Direye, V. Wong and T. West. Advancing financial inclusion using contemporary digital technology in Papua New Guinea
  • Tumsok, M., Su, J. J. and T. Singh. Exchange rate volatility and its impact on trade in PNG

Journal publications

  • Sharma, P., S. Manoa, S. Taleniwesi, S. Nghiem, 2019. Technical efficiency of banking institutions in a Pacific Island Country: A distance function stochastic frontier analysis, Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy DOI:10.1080/13547860.2018.1528661
  • Su, J. J., L. Cocker, D. Delana and P. Sharma, 2018. A first look at the trilemma vis-à-vis quadrilemma monetary policy stance in a Pacific Island country context, Review of Pacific Basin Financial Markets and Policies, 21(1) (March), DOI: 10.1142/S0219091518500029

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