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Pacific Forum is commentary, analysis, insights and thought leadership on financial and economic policymaking related issues, focusing primarily on the Pacific Island Countries (PICs). These include commentaries on research working papers authored jointly by Griffith University and its MoU South Pacific central bank partners—PNG, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Timor Leste. The Forum aims to explore relevant issues with a “research” lens and thereby encourage and facilitate discussion and debate among policymakers, academics and others in the region.

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Monetary policy statement by the Governor of the Bank of Papua New Guinea

22 May 2020 | Loi M Bakani

The spread of Coronavirus, Covid-19, and its adverse impact through the disruption of production and supply chains, commodity and capital markets, international trade and investment, and global transport operation...

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COVID-19 and the PICs: Where to from here?

15 May 2020 | Parmendra Sharma

Economies around the world—small, large, developing, developed, emerging—all sizes and types—are now at some point in the post-COVID-19 economic recovery phase. Among these, the case of the Pacific Island Countries...

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Does finance matter for health in the Pacific Island countries?

14 May 2020 | Krishal Prasad, Shelvin Karan, Nirodha Jayawardena, Samsul Alam and Parmendra Sharma

Literature has established that finance matters for a country’s economic growth; does it matter for health as well? Studies investigating this question are emerging—this study takes a fresh look at the nexus in the case...

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The great ‘Global Coronavirus Crisis’ and the PICs

8 May 2020 | Tarlok Singh

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the globe very hard, especially given the economies were still recovering from the recent shocks of Global Financial Crisis (GFC) and European Debt Crisis. The COVID-19 outbreak spread at...

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Financial development in Vanuatu on a global scale

30 April 2020 | Cynthia Moli, Gloria Siri, Samsul Alam and Parmendra Sharma

Reforms have been a common feature of the financial landscape across countries and regions, including developing, emerging and developed nations during last few decades. Efforts have spanned all facets of the landscape...

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Remittances vis-à-vis bank credit and investments in Pacific island countries: The case of Fiji

28 January 2020 | Matia Tuisawau, Akata Taito, Miteli Cama, Jak Kakhkharov, Lan Nguyen and Parmendra Sharma

Remittances—the transmission of money and goods to households by migrant workers for reasons of altruism, insurance and investment—have increased steadily over the years to become a substantial source of foreign...

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Determinants of private sector credit in Papua New Guinea

6 January 2020 | Solomon Kasinguu, Gail Sabok, Diana Tuam, Jeconiah Hamua, Jen-Je Su and Parmendra Sharma

It is widely accepted that finance is sine qua non for start-up, establishment and expansion of a private sector enterprise; capital is indeed critical for operational as well non-operational activities. Generally, the capital structure...

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May 26, 2020

Weekly Pacific Bulletin

Former Prime Minister arrested on arrival in PNG Former Prime Minister Peter O’Neill was arrested on his arrival into Port Moresby on Saturday. He was one of several MPs who had been unable to return to PNG because of travel restrictions related to the COVID-19 crisis. Mr O’Neill was questioned by a...

May 26, 2020

Crisis, resilience and agency in the Pacific

“For Vanuatu while the government is giving out its relief supply, people in the communities are mobilising and bringing raw food crops to the people in the affected areas …

May 24, 2020

Monetary policy statement by the Governor of the Bank of Papua New Guinea

The spread of Coronavirus, Covid-19, and its adverse impact through the disruption of production and supply chains, commodity and capital markets, international trade and investment, and global transport operations is having a significant negative impact on global economic activity. Papua New Guinea...

May 19, 2020

Weekly Pacific Bulletin

Rights groups call for an investigation into Fiji prisons service NGOs focused on the protection of human rights have called for an investigation into the commissioner of prisons in Fiji. This comes further to reports of a culture of intimidation and violence within the prison service. The reports i...

May 17, 2020

To bubble or not to bubble – there are Pacific questions

It should not come as a surprise to learn that there have been mixed responses from Pacific leaders and communities about the idea of including their countries in an expanded Trans-Tasman travel bubble. These responses reflect a number of things: there are economic concerns, political preoccupations...

May 15, 2020

Coronavirus in the Pacific: weekly briefing

Griffith Asia Institute's Tess Newton Cain and Dan McGarry share a weekly update on Covid19 in the Pacific.

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