Building capacity for research and policy formulation at the South Pacific Central Banks

The South Pacific Centre for Central Banking (SPCCB) was founded in 2016 following the inaugural Central Banking Symposium hosted by Griffith University, where discussions were held to elevate the region's study group into a research centre for central banking. The SPCCB was formed to bring together world class economic and finance experts, with a clear aim to help build capacity for research and policy formulation and is committed to developing capacity for research and policy formulation at the South Pacific Central Banks.

About the program


Dr Parmendra Sharma, Program Convenor, talks about the purpose, significance and future plans of the South Pacific Centre for Central Banking program with Dr Tess Newton Cain, Project Lead of the Griffith Asia Institute’s Pacific Hub.


Entrenching rigour and evidence in economic policy making at the South Pacific central banks through research, training and policy outreach


Strengthening local capacity for conducting independent, rigorous inquiry into the problems facing the management of economies in the South Pacific, founded on two basic premises:

  • that development is more likely to occur where there is sustained sound management of the economy
  • that such management is more likely to happen where there is an active, well-informed group of locally based professional economists to conduct policy-relevant research


  • to build a credible local capacity for policy-oriented research
  • to generate research results for use by policy analysts and policy makers
  • to promote links between research and policy
  • to encourage retention of high quality researchers.

SPCCB is committed to disseminating its remarkable research through a wide range of insightful publications.

PhD program

South Pacific Central Banks and Griffith University have established a jointly funded program to allow up to four suitably qualified, Central Bank supported candidates to enrol in the Doctor of Philosophy program at Griffith University each year.

Key Partners

Griffith currently has developing capacity MoUs with the central banks of Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu.and Timor-Leste.

You may follow the links below to the respective central bank's web sites.


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Banco Central de Timor-Leste

Mr Marcelino de Jesus da Costa

Mr Octavio Manuel dos Reis

Bank of Papua New Guinea

Mr Jeconiah Hamu

Mr Solomon Kasingu

Mr Mark Ofoi

Ms Gail Sabok

Ms Diana Tuam

Mr Meson Tumsok

Central Bank of Solomon Islands

Mr Jack Boe

Ms Angeline Rohoia

Mrs Vitarina Takana

Reserve Bank of Fiji

Ms Lavenia Cocker

Ms Disusu Delana

Mr Shelvin Karan

Ms Savaira Manoa

Mr Devendra Narain

Mr Krishal Prasad

Ms Kalolaini Ranadi

Ms Kelera Rogoiruwai

Ms Akata Taito

Mr Seci Taleniwesi

Mr Matia Tuisawau

Reserve Bank of Vanuatu

Ms Alison Baniuri

Mr Arold Bill

Ms Cynthia Moli

Ms Lynette Ragonma

Ms Gloria Siri

Fiji Bureau of Statistics

Mr Mitieli Cama

Griffith University

Ms Nirma Sadamali Jayawardena

Dr Nirodha Jayawardena

Dr Son Nghiem

Dr Lan Nguyen

Professor Eduardo Roca

Dr Parmendra Sharma

Associate Professor Tarlok Singh

Dr Jen-Je Su

Dr Tracey West

Mr Tingxi Zhang

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