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Regional Outlook working papers




Reconciling regional security narratives in the PacificAssociate Professor Sandra TarteVolume 65, 2021

Oceanic hydro-politics: Exploring contemporary geopolitics of the Blue Pacific

Dr Wesley Morgan

Volume 64, 2020

The next AI super power: The next AI super power: Why Australia's regional positioning and global outlook are important to the future of industry

Professor Dian Tjondronegoro

Volume 63, 2019

Making sense of democracy and governance in the Asia Pacific

Dr Stephen McCarthy and Professor Mark R Thompson

Volume 62, 2019

Talking Wuhan but walking Doklam: India-China interactions since 2017

Dr Atul Kumar

Volume 61, 2019

Transnational Filipinos in the UAE: A Compromise of Interests

Dr Kristin Kamøy

Volume 60, 2018

The Politics Behind the Story: Sixty Years on from the 1957 Australia-Japan Commerce Agreement

Associate Professor Michael Heazle

Volume 59, 2018

Myanmar-Watching: Problems and Perspectives

Dr Andrew Selth

Volume 58, 2018

A Rules-Based Order in the Indo-Pacific: Aligning the Building  Blocks

Abhijit Singh

Volume 57, 2017

Be Careful What You Wish For: The National League for Democracy and Government in Myanmar

Dr Andrew Selth

Volume 56, 2017

Aung San Suu Kyi and the Politics of Personality

Dr Andrew Selth

Volume 55, 2017

All Going According to Plan: The Armed Forces and Government in Myanmar

Dr Andrew Selth

Volume 54, 2017

Understanding "Contested Multilateralism 2.0" in the Asia Pacific

Professor Kai He, Professor TJ Pempel and Professor Mark Beeson

Volume 53, 2017

2016 Asia Future Fellows Program for Undergraduates - Essays

Griffith and Peking University 2016 Asia Future Fellows

Volume 52, 2017

US Leadership in the Asia-Pacific: Trends and Policy Implications for the Australia-Japan Relationship

Associate Professor Michael Heazle and Professor Andrew O'Neil

Volume 51, 2017

The Rules-Based Order in the Indo-Pacific: Opportunities and Challenges for Australia, India and Japan

Professor Ian Hall and Associate Professor Michael Heazle

Volume 50, 2017

‘Strong, Fully Efficient and Modern': Myanmar’s new look armed forces

Dr Andrew Selth

Volume 49, 2016

2015 Asia Future Fellows Program for Undergraduates - Essays

Griffith and Peking University 2015 Asia Future Fellows

Volume 48, 2016

2014 Asia Future Fellows Program for Undergraduates - Essays

Griffith and Peking University 2014 Asia Future Fellows

Volume 47, 2014

The Australia-Japan Dialogue - Energy Security: Challenges and Opportunities 2013

Australia-Japan Dialogue - 2013

Volume 46, 2013

Burma's Security Forces:  Performing, Reforming or Transforming

Dr Andrew Selth

Volume 45, 2013

Police Reform in Burma (Myanmar): Aims, Obstacles and Outcomes

Dr Andrew Selth

Volume 44, 2013

China's New Top Leaders:  A Preview of the CCP's Eighteenth National Congress

Shanding Zhou

Volume 43, 2012

Looking Backwards, Looking Ahead:  40 Years of Australia-China Relations

Australia-China Futures Dialogues - 2012 Emerging Leaders Dialogue

Volume 42, 2012

Trends in China's Political Reform

Shanding Zhou

Volume 41, 2012

Asian-Western Films - Where the Exotic Meets the Familiar:  Chinese Images in the World Cinema and Co-production

Dr Xiaolu Ma

Volume 40, 2012

Burma Watching:  A Retrospective

Dr Andrew Selth

Volume 39, 2012

Exploring Household-Based Retail Travel Behaviours in Beijing:  An Application of the Space-Time Decision Making Approach

Tiebei Li, Yanwei Chai and Wenjia Zhang

Volume 38, 2012

Civil Society in Burma: From Military Rule to 'Disciplined Democracy'

Dr Stephen McCarthy

Volume 37, 2012

United States Relations With Burma: From Hostility To Hope

Dr Andrew Selth

Volume 36, 2012

Managerial Cognition On Corporate Social Responsibility And Corporate Performance: Evidence From China

Adrian Cheung, Wanjun Jiang, Xiangjin Li, Dongning Yang

Volume 35, 2012

Burma and Weapons of Mass Destruction: not if, but why, how and what

Dr Andrew Selth

Volume 34, 2011

China’s Open Government Information Reform: Transparency vs Secrecy

Dr Shumei Hou

Volume 33, 2011

Burma’s Police Forces: Continuities and Contradictions

Dr Andrew Selth

Volume 32, 2011

Workshop Edited Papers

Working papers presented at our workshops have been compiled for researchers to share ideas and obtain feedback on their topics.




ACIAR Mango Agribusiness Research Program Workshop Outcomes

Associate Professor Robin Roberts and Wendy Hall


The politics behind the story: Sixty years on from the 1957 Australia–Japan Commerce Agreement

Professor Michael Heazle and Dr Dan Halvorson


Contemporary Research Challenges in South East Asia

Dr Stephen McCarthy


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