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At GAI, we are committed to disseminating our research as widely as possible, through a diverse range of print and electronic publications. Explore some of these outputs below.

State of the neighbourhood

State of the neighbourhood offers fresh perspectives on the key issues affecting Australia and it's "neighbourhood". Our objective in publishing this collection is to share our research insights, and encourage informed community debate on Australia's engagement in the Asia Pacific.

Regional Outlook Working Papers

Explore our working paper series for further insight into our cutting-edge research and breakthroughs. The aim of these papers is to increase the accessibility of our research to the broader community.

Asia Insights blog

Our Asia Insights blog features expert commentary and informed analysis on the latest Asia–Pacific news and affairs. Read some of our recent blog posts and opinions from our remarkable GAI members.

Policy Briefs

The Griffith Asia Institute fosters relationships in the Asia Pacific through high level dialogues and workshops which are key to informing and influencing Australia's Asia-Pacific policies.

Research Papers / Monographs

This new series of research papers / monographs presents the Griffith Asia Institute members' research, which highlights trends in the Asia-Pacific region.

Workshop Edited Papers

Working papers presented at our workshops have been compiled for researchers to share ideas and obtain feedback on their topics.

2020 books

Book title


30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall: Turns and twists in economies, politics, and societies in the post-communist countries, Springer

Akimov, Alexandr and Kazakevitch, Grenadi (Eds)

Japan and the new silk road: Diplomacy, development and connectivity, Routledge

Murashkin, Nikolay

2019 books

Book title


The humble cosmopolitan: Rights, diversity, and trans-state democracy, Oxford University Press

Cabrera, Luis

Demand, complexity, and long-run economic evolution, Springer

Chai, Andreas and Baum, Chad (Eds)

Containing contagion - The politics of disease outbreaks in Southeast Asia, Johns Hopkins University Press

Davies, Sara E

How China sees the world: Insights from China's international relations scholars, Palgrave

Feng, Huiyun, He, Kai and Li, Xiaojun

China’s challenges and international order transition, University of Michigan Press

Feng, Huiyun and He, Kai

Chinese scholars and foreign policy: Debating international relations, Routledge

Feng, Huiyun, He, Kai and Yan, Xuetong

Modi and the reinvention of Indian foreign policy, Bristol University Press

Hall, Ian

Commonwealth Responsibility and Cold War Solidarity: Australia in Asia, 1944–74, Australian National University Press

Halvorson, Dan

III Asia Pacific symposium on postharvest research, education and extension: APS2014, International Society for Horticultural Science

Roberts, Robin,  Lay-Yee, M and Nguyen, Duy Duc

Secrets and Power in Myanmar: Intelligence and the Fall of General Khin Nyunt, ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute

Selth, Andrew

Contemporary international business in the Asia-Pacific region,  Cambridge University Press

Verbeke, Alain, Roberts, Robin, Delaney, Deborah and Zámborský, Pet,er Roberts, Robin,  Lay-Yee, M and Nguyen, Duy Duc

Danger, development and legitimacy in East Asian maritime politics: Securing the seas, securing the state, Routledge

Wirth, Christian

Understanding economic change: Advances in evolutionary economics, Cambridge University Press

Witt, Ulrich and Chai, Andreas (Eds)

2018 books

Book title


North Korea and Myanmar : Divergent Paths. McFarland and Co Inc.

Abrahamian, Andray

Institutional Cosmopolitanism, Oxford University Press

Cabrera, Luis

The Great Recession : Rethinking macroeconomics for employment and development, Nova Science Publishers Inc.

Chowdhury, Anis and Islam, Iyanatul

The Oxford handbook of women, peace and security, Oxford University Press.

Davies, Sara E. and True , Jacqui (eds)

US-China competition and the South China Sea disputes, Routledge.

Feng, Huiyun and He, Kai (eds)

China's Rise and Australia–Japan–US Relations Primacy and Leadership in East Asia, Edward Elgar.

Heazle, Michael and O'Neil, Andrew (eds)

Grand Strategy. Amazon.

Layton, Peter

Civility and its development: The experiences of China and Taiwan. Hong Kong University Press.

Schak, David

Burma (Myanmar) Since the 1988 Uprising: A Select Bibliography (third edition), Griffith Asia Institute

Selth, Andrew

2017 books

Book title


From International Relations to World Civilizations. Routledge.

Brincat, Shannon (ed)

Negotiating for Water Resources: Bridging Transboundary River Basins. Routledge.

Haeffner, Andrea

Transitional Justice in Practice: Conflict, Justice, and Reconciliation in the Solomon Islands, Palgrave Macmillan.

Jeffery, Renee (ed)

Fostering Local Entrepreneurship in a Multinational Enterprise. London: Routledge.

McGaughey, Sara & Amberg, J.

Pathways to a Sustainable Economy. Springer

Sarker, Tapan, Hossain, Moazzem, and Hales, Robert (eds)

Burma, Kipling and Western Music: The Riff From Mandalay. New York: Routledge.

Selth, Andrew

2016 books

Book title


China's crisis behaviour: Political survival and foreign policy. Cambridge University Press.

He, Kai

Business Value and Sustainability. Palgrave, London.

Lee, Ki-Hoon, & Vachon, S.

Behind the Façade: Elections under Authoritarianism in Southeast Asia. Albany: SUNY Press.

Morgenbesser, Lee

Saving the People: How Populists Hijack Religion, co-edited with N. Marzouki and O. Roy. New York: Oxford University Press.

McDonnell, Duncan

Economic Ideas in Political Time: The Construction, Conversion and Crisis of Economic Orders from the Progressive Era to the Global Financial Crisis. Cambridge University Press.

Widmaier, Wesley

2015 books

Book title


Australia’s Nuclear Policy: Reconciling Strategic, Economic and Normative Interests. Routledge, London.

Clarke, Michael, Frühling, Stephan and O'Neil, Andrew

Western Perspectives on the People's Republic of China, Politics, Economy and Society. World Scientific Publishing, Singapore.

Mackerras, Colin

Populists in Power, co-authored with D. Albertazzi. Routledge, London.

McDonnell, Duncan

The political economy of sustainable development: policy instruments and market mechanisms. Cheltenham Northampton, Massachusetts Edward Elgar Publishing Limited.

Sarker, Tapan

Burma (Myanmar) Since the 1988 Uprising: A Select Bibliography (second edition), Griffith Asia Institute

Selth, Andrew

Presidential Rhetoric from Wilson to Obama: Constructing Crises, Fast and Slow. Routledge.

Widmaier, Wesley

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