Order and stability in the Asia-Pacific region

Politics research interests encompass the collective efforts, governance and structural institutions aimed at maintaining order and stability and promoting legitimacy, while delivering sustainable outcomes for the long term. Griffith Asia Institute research projects cover a range of issues including economic and health governance, women’s leadership, elections and regional architectures.

Research highlights

The rise of sophisticated authoritarianism in South East Asia

Dr Lee Morgenbesser was the recipient of the Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Research Award (2018-2020).  He will undertake the project to investigate the persistence of authoritarian rule in Southeast Asia.

Against the backdrop of a global democratic recession, the project seeks to identify how dictators and dominant parties have learnt to maintain power using increasingly sophisticated techniques.

People, elections and parties

Some of our members conduct in-depth studies of political party development, behaviour and strategies alongside large-scale analyses of voter behaviour and attitudes towards political regimes and societies.

Covering a wide range of countries, our work has been published in highly-ranked journals and we collaborate with colleagues from major universities across the globe.

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