A leading centre in the Asia–Pacific on APEC-related issues

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Study Centre at Griffith University conducts research and engages relevant communities on international trade and investment, sustainable development, and inclusive growth in the AsiaPacific region. It is one of two Australian member institutions in the APEC Study Centre Consortium (ASCC).

Our research focuses on:

  • producing socially relevant knowledge that contributes to regional cooperation and development
  • offering short-term academic-based training programs to policy makers and business leaders
  • hosting high-level public forums and lectures on the latest APEC-related developments and trends.


Underpinning the work of our Centre is a strong focus on the following areas.

International trade

This area explores research into the nature, scale and effects of the integration of regional goods, services and asset markets, competitiveness and barriers to cross-border exchange.

Sustainable growth

Sustainable growth looks at the sources of economic growth, the role of international factors in development, structural reform issues, productivity, poverty alleviation, income inequality, sustainability principles and environmental risk management.

Inclusive development

This research area focuses on business resilience and the role of social capital for SMEs, empowerment and security for vulnerable groups such as women and the aging and infrastructure for financial inclusion.


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