Chelsea Phillips

Bachelor of Business

Global internship with Rouse Consulting International, Jakarta 2019

Having the opportunity to intern in Jakarta, Indonesia was the most eye-opening and valuable experience to kick start my career. This country had so much to offer culturally and allowed me to gain a different perspective and understanding to the world around me. Through experiencing diverse situations and navigating a new city as an ‘expat’ I was able to develop various skills that have not only developed my confidence, but taught me many transferable skills. The full-time internship gave me an insight as to what life as a HR professional would entail. I was able to gain hands on experience that has truly helped me to gain employment as a graduate. An internship is the most valuable experience you can undertake for yourself, not only professionally but also personally. I can’t recommend the Global Mobility Internship Program highly enough to students. Participating will be the best decision you make.

Ramzi Matta

Bachelor of Government and International Relations / Bachelor of Asian Studies

Global internship with American Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai 2019

I enjoyed my time in Shanghai and felt that I learned a lot at my host organisation about myself and about the business world of China through the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. I am glad that I achieved all the goals I set for myself to varying degrees of success and that I established that I still wish to live and work China.

Going forward, I hope that I will be able to take what I have learned and apply it to new situations, both professionally and personally, especially focusing on finding work more relevant to my degree.

Jack Hose

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Global internship with AustCham, Shanghai 2019

I have had a tremendous personal and professional development experience in Shanghai and at AustCham Shanghai.

The AustCham Shanghai team were all great, really welcoming and enjoyable to work with.

Courtney Russell

Bachelor of Business

Global internship with Royale International, Hong Kong 2019

My internship within Royale International has been an invaluable experience.

This trip was the most amazing and diverse experience of my life and has provided me with so much knowledge, insight, and opportunity.

The amount I have learned not only about my industry and Hong Kong, but also about myself and how I handle tough situations astonishes me.

Mira Gietzel

Bachelor of Business / Bachelor of Public Relations and Communication

Global internship with Ruder Finn Asia, Hong Kong 2019

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity of interning at the PR firm of my dreams at Ruder Finn, where I worked five days a week from my desk with a view overlooking Victoria Harbour. I was given so much responsibility and creative freedom in my role, and came away with such increased confidence as a professional communicator and a wealth of personal growth.

On top of our working experience, we were invited to networking events, including cocktail parties, boat cruises, skill development classes and inspiring leadership talks; there was always something happening.

No matter what field of business-related studies you’re in, an overseas internship is the best opportunity to add to your resume and overall life experience! There’s nothing stopping you from living out your wildest career dreams in Hong Kong. Griffith Asia Institute and Griffith Global Mobility provide above and beyond support and with the help of a New Colombo Plan mobility grant you don’t need to worry so much about the cost.

Jordan Leadbetter

Bachelor of Business / Bachelor of International Business

Global internship with Global Sky Education, Tokyo 2019

My 7-week internship gave me a small glimpse of life in Japan and sparked my curiosity to explore and experience new things.

Through travelling Japan, you will have the opportunity to be exposed to different situations that can allow you to learn a lot about yourself and the nation’s people. Human interactions are the foundation to building connections, which can open many doors that can help you and your future endeavours.

As I explored Japan I had unique interactions with the history, culture and the people. These interactions opened my eyes and helped me realise the lack of knowledge and experience I have with the world outside my immediate bubble.

Jack Shepherd

Bachelor of Business

Global internship with Allive Creative, Seoul 2019

The New Colombo Plan (NCP) Global Mobility Internship has provided me with the opportunity to explore cultural awareness within an international workplace setting.
By doing so, I have been able to develop primary cross cultural communicative tactics, whilst learning how to better conform to international workplace ideologies.

This internship has positioned me strongly to attain workplace employment upon graduation, as I developed various skill sets pertinent to industry practice in my time with Allive Creative.

Additionally, I have been given the chance to employ certain frameworks learnt in a theoretical capacity into a practical context. I would highly recommend this internship to any student interested in working in global business environments. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I hope it provides the same experiences for future NCP mobility students.

Hannah Fraser

Bachelor of Public Relations and Communication

Global internship with AustCham, Hong Kong 2018

Participating in this program enabled me to gain real-world industry insight and experience. Through my internship, I was able to meet and forge connections with a variety of industry professionals. I was able to put the skills I had learnt throughout my studies into practice whilst gaining a plethora of new skills, bolstering my professional development.

The ability to live and work overseas, whilst at University, enabled me to grow both personally and professionally. As a result, of this program I know I will be able to graduate with enhanced skills, confidence and employability.

Choosing to participate in this program was by far the best decision I’ve made at University. Participating in the Global Mobility Business Internship Program is a once in a lifetime opportunity and one that I would recommend to all students.

Walter Binder

Bachelor of Business / Bachelor of International Tourism and Hotel Management

Global internship with Wicresoft, Shanghai 2018

The decision to undertake an internship overseas is one I will never regret. The extra challenge of not only working but living in a different country provided an excellent opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. Through participating in the Global Internship program, I have gained a greater understanding of Chinese culture and learnt how to communicate with those from a different cultural background, which I believe is invaluable in today’s world. Furthermore, I discovered more about myself as I sought to integrate into a vastly diverse working culture compared to what I was used to.

Overall, the greatest takeaway from the internship is that it has provided clarification on the direction in which I would like to take for my career. Before undertaking the internship, I still had doubts whether the career path I had headed towards over the past few years of study was one I wished to embark upon and this experience has provided clarification for my future aspirations.

Carissa McCann

Master of International Relations

Global internship with Education First (EF) Tokyo, 2018

Japan was full of unexpected challenges and opportunities. I was lucky enough to work at EF for my 6-week winter internship. EF is one of the largest language companies in the world. Here there was plenty of opportunity to immerse myself in both cultural and professional aspects of Japanese life. I learnt quickly to adapt to all situations and expand my skills in graphics design, communication and professional development. I found myself doing all sorts of tasks including teaching, designing important flyers, creating movies and quizzes, as well as creating English lessons. I learnt the basics of Japanese very quickly and with the support of my mentor, June, developed an understanding of the international workplace. This was my key goal in deciding to go to Japan.

The experience was not without its barriers: Language being the worse of all. But I think being thrown in head first, made me try different communication methods and learn Japanese quickly. As EF was very international, I was exposed to the best of many different cultures. I learnt about several different languages and will continue to pursue Japanese until proficiency. Interning in Japan was an incredible experience! I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn and grow as a person. The professional opportunities, new cultural exposure and pro-activity I gained will stay with me throughout my life and professional career.

Felicity Beikoff

Bachelor of International Business / Bachelor of International Relations

Global internship with AGREX inc, Tokyo 2018

Throughout November and December 2018, I was honoured to have been selected by Griffith University to take place in a Global Internship. I was placed in Tokyo, Japan and allocated a position in the IT firm of AGREX inc. I gained many transferable skills, enhanced my language skills and made new friends. Despite not knowing Japanese, the company I was placed in had few people who could speak English; this language barrier forced me to really develop my non-verbal communication, as well as picking up the Japanese language basics as quickly as possible. Within the firm, I gave presentations in both Japanese and English, as well as writing a research report on the management style of AGREX, the Current Global IT trends and potential firms for AGREX to expand to within Australia. Overall, the experience has allowed me to develop both professionally and personally.

Samantha Johnston

Bachelor of Business / Bachelor of International Tourism and Hotel Management

Global internship with ANZ, Seoul 2018

The Global Internship Program allowed me to expand my thinking by providing me the opportunity to visit South Korea, which is a country that I have always wanted to visit but never had the opportunity until now.  This program encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone and created challenges that aren’t available in Australia.  I was presented with the opportunity to test my knowledge, enrich my knowledge and actually put my knowledge into action in a workplace environment.  This experience is one that I will treasure for my lifetime.

Overall the Global Internship was not only a rewarding once in a lifetime experience, it has provided me the direction of where I want to go and where I can see myself in the future. Providing insights into my strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to discover new experiences that I didn’t even know were available. This is something I wouldn’t have discovered in Australia and I was only able to discover when placed out of my comfort zone and into a unique environment.  This opportunity allowed me to challenge my current learning from Griffith University and effectively put my knowledge into practice. I would definitely recommend the Griffith Global Mobility Program to any university undergraduate or postgraduate.

Robert Percy

Bachelor of Business

Global internship with Syn, Tokyo 2018

I was fortunate enough to participate in the Global Internship throughout Trimester 3 of 2018. To anyone thinking of applying, I can’t recommend this experience highly enough. Thanks to this program, I was able to experience working and living in the heart of Tokyo for two months. The company I was placed at was well suited to my interests and career aspirations, and allowed me to further my own skills, as well as gain an understanding as to my current skill set.

After my placement finished, I was offered the opportunity to return to Tokyo in a permanent position at the company I was working at, an offer which I plan to take them up on.

Overall, this experience was very challenging, but extremely rewarding and one that will remain with me for as long as I live. I would count this experience as invaluable in developing the skills necessary to succeed within a corporate environment, so I would encourage anyone seeking to enhance their employability to get involved!

Hoang (Trang) Ho

Bachelor of International Business / Bachelor of Government and International Relations

Global internship with Steelcase Japan, Tokyo 2018

Completing the internship abroad has not only taught me the skills needed for a professional workplace, but it has also given me the courage to live in another country and appreciate the culture and their ways of living. It has dramatically strengthened my sense of independence in having to face challenges in adjusting to a different lifestyle.

Saying 'Yes' to almost every opportunity that came my way demonstrated to be the most immersive way to make the most of every moment knowing that I only had a short time there. The friends made, many awe-inspiring moments shared all from the word 'Yes' had surprised me in so many ways professionally and personally, it greatly improved my self-esteem. I highly recommend it!

Thomas Burbury

Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Government and International Relations

Global internship with Madison Pacific Trust, Hong Kong 2018

This program allowed me to live and work in the corporate sector of Hong Kong for seven weeks. Instead of studying in the classroom over the summer, I was gaining practical experience working and networking with professionals in my field. When I wasn’t working, I was free to explore a new country and its culture with my fellow interns, all of whom have become good friends of mine through the experience. I saw some breathtaking sights, had many unforgettable experiences, ate both delicious and questionable food and came back after the seven weeks tired but excited for the future.

Taking part in a Global Mobility internship was, for me, an opportunity I almost let pass me by. However, by choosing to embrace this new experience, I now feel more prepared to graduate, having practical workplace experience in the Asian region. If someone was to ask me why they should consider a Global Mobility Program, my advice would be to think about the opportunities. Working and living in this dynamic region of the world will be very important for the future of both our generation and Australia, and Global Mobility gives you the opportunity to experience it firsthand.

Cara Confessore

Bachelor of Government and International Relations

Global internship with Austrade, Seoul 2018

“You must be very brave and quite the risk taker, you’ll be a formidable force in whatever you do, I’m sure”. These words have resonated with me. I was told this during a Start Up Demo Day in South Korea, where I was representing my host organisation. Those words were spoken by an Entrepreneurial Professor; who I met and chatted to during the event. These words have encouraged me to see that the Global Mobility Internship initiates growth on such a monumental level.

My host organisation, Austrade, provided so many opportunities for me to broaden my network and confer with so many intelligent, interesting, and adroit minds, like the Professor. Austrade also provided me with many transferable skills such as; teamwork and adaptability, and allowed for me to learn extensive knowledge about South Korean markets and trade relations with Australia. My supervisor was an incredibly kind and communicative leader. He provided me with knowledge that I will take with me in all my endeavours. The team at Austrade was incredibly welcoming and made such an incredible effort to expose me to all the intricate details of working in the trade and investment sector of politics. The work was both interesting, insightful and relevant to my degree.

Jessica Farrell

Bachelor of Business (Marketing) / Bachelor of Laws

Global internship with Daxue Consulting, Shanghai 2018

I undertook the Global internship in Shanghai, China as I wanted to step outside my comfort zone and it gave me an opportunity to do something I would have never done otherwise as I knew none of the language or the culture. I can honestly say it was extremely eye opening especially for someone who had never worked full time in an office, lived outside of home or who had gone overseas for longer than two weeks without others. I would not hesitate to recommend this experience to anyone else thinking about pursing an international internship as it was an amazing experience and so worth it. It has made me so much more globally aware and has given me an opportunity to think deeper about a lot of areas in my life and about myself as a person and to grow as a result. It has also given me professional experience and has helped me determine what I want to do when I graduate - as well as being something I can put my resume in order to compete with all of the other graduates out there. To those considering it, I say why not? What's holding you back from such an amazing opportunity- especially with government funding and university support and all that you get out of it? A little nervousness never hurt anybody.

Student videos

Camille Aeriel Sonido

Bachelor of Business | Bachelor of Commerce
Global internship with Sumida Brokers and Consulting, Tokyo 2019

Alice Kumar

Master of Business

Global internship with Bright Food Asia, Hong Kong 2019

Hoang (Trang) Ho

Bachelor of International Business / Bachelor of Government and International Relations

Global internship with Steelcase Japan, Tokyo 2018

Natalie Jones

Bachelor of Commerce
Global internship with StartUp Lady, Tokyo 2019

Jack Shepherd

Bachelor of Business
Global internship with Allive Creative, Seoul 2019

Hannah Fraser

Bachelor of Public Relations and Communications

Global internship with AustCham, Hong Kong, 2018

Thomas Burbury

Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Government and International Relations

Global internship with Madison Pacific Trust, Hong Kong, 2018

Anna Regi

Bachelor of Bachelor of Business / Bachelor of Commerce

Global internship with Lynk Global, Hong Kong, 2018

Laura Kyle

Bachelor of International Business / Bachelor of Government and International Relations / Diploma of Languages – Chinese

Global internship with Infostellar, Tokyo 2018

Warren Maynard

Bachelor of Commerce |  Diploma of Languages – Chinese

Global internship with HuaXia Finance, Shanghai 2018

AustCham Hong Kong

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2019 cohort

Chelsea Phillips

Bachelor of Business
Global internship with Rouse Consulting International, Jakarta 2019

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