Immerse yourself in a high-tech hub with more than 5000 years of culture and history

One of the leading producers of technical goods, the Republic of Korea is both modern and progressive, generating some of the world’s largest and most diversified companies.  A country of contrasts, our Global Interns witness first-hand the resilience of a nation that has transformed into a highly industrialised and internationally competitive economy, while at the same time honouring and preserving a rich history and fascinating past.

Host organisation examples

Allive Creative | ANZ | Australian Chamber of Commerce (AustCham) in Korea | Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) | Boron Molecular | Global Markone | Hangang Network for Academic and Cultural Exchanges | Isentia | JOST and Co | Korean Commercial Arbitration Board (KCAB) International | The Sool Company | Trade and Investment Queensland

Student testimonial

As an Intern with JOST&Co, I not only complete a variety of tasks, but also attend weekly meetings, including with the Directors, Finance and Operations. As a result, I have learned a lot about the various tools and platforms the organisation utilises, as well as gaining insight into research and development and a more in-depth understanding of financial considerations... providing me with the opportunity to maximise business exposure and regularly interact with colleagues, including the Co-CEOs and Directors. Having the opportunity to participate in various board meetings with industry professionals is a truly unique experience that can’t be gained elsewhere.My biggest tip for students is to seize amazing opportunities even during a pandemic. My Remote Internship has not only increased my confidence in career choice but also my knowledge and understanding of a new industry.

Claire Doherty |  Bachelor of Asian Studies / Bachelor of Government and International Relations

Global internship with Jost&Co, Seoul 2020

Industry testimonial

I really commend Griffith University for all their work within the Australia-Korea educational space.

It is great to see that Griffith is one of the most engaged Australian universities here in South Korea and we have been successfully working with the Griffith Business School to support the Global Internship Program since 2017. This includes the Chamber hosting a total of four talented Griffith Global Interns.

Over the years, I have built a great rapport with our Interns and enjoy personally keeping in touch.

Industry partner | Australian Chamber of Commerce in Korea, Seoul 2020

Student videos

Jack Shepherd

Bachelor of Business
Global internship with Allive Creative, Seoul 2019

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