Experience ancient traditions fused with modern life

With a highly skilled and educated workforce, Japan has a reputation as a nation of quality, efficiency and innovation, while delicately balancing unique traditions and customs. Not only do our Global Interns gain insight into different business practices and a captivating culture, they are exposed to quirky, energetic cities that are complemented by surrounding areas with a wealth of natural and ancient beauty.

Host organisation examples include:

  • EF Education First
  • Infostellar
  • Steelcase
  • Syn
  • TOKI

Student testimonial

Japan was full of unexpected challenges and opportunities. I was lucky enough to work at EF for my 6-week internship - one of the largest language companies in the world. I learnt quickly to adapt to all situations and expand my skills in graphics design, communication and professional development. I found myself doing all sorts of tasks including teaching, designing important flyers, creating movies and quizzes, as well as creating English lessons.

Interning in Japan was an incredible experience! I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn and grow as a person. The professional opportunities, new cultural exposure and pro-activity I gained will stay with me throughout my life and professional career.

Carissa McCann |  Master of International Relations

Global internship with EF Japan, Tokyo 2018

Industry testimonial

Rochelle was a great addition to our team.  She was diligent, had great attention to detail and demonstrated excellent writing skills.

Rochelle easily adapted to her new environment, is self-motivated and very professional.

She quickly built trust and worked collaboratively with her colleagues, always willing to help others.

We enjoyed working with Rochelle very much and appreciate her positive contribution to improve our collective output.

Thank-you for sending her to our team!  We look forward to working with Griffith interns in the future.

Industry partner | TOKI, Japan 2018

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