Crossroads Foundation

Hong Kong 2020  (Host Organisation participated in both in-country and remote internship program)

Thank you for enabling Auguste Lameta to undertake her remote internship with Crossroads Foundation – we have enjoyed having her onboard.

Auguste’s project was to help Crossroads with deeper analysis of the impact of our shipments – both in making recommendations for calculating the number of direct and indirect beneficiaries in line with development best practice, and analysing the outcomes and impact of individual shipments as well as our distribution work as a whole. The goal was to help us better understand and communicate the value of our shipments, as well as standardising our reporting methodology.

Auguste was able to apply methodology from her own experience in the development sector, including creating customised logical frameworks and drafting a theory of change for our Global Distribution division. At the same time, the project enabled her to reflect on her own work from a different perspective. She had the opportunity to present to Crossroads’ directors and senior staff, who showed an interest in being involved as the project continues.

We are thankful that Auguste is keen to continue her involvement even following her internship, as we will benefit from her insights. Thanks for Griffith University’s support with quality interns!

Richard Payne | Senior Manager, Global Distribution

Australian Chamber of Commerce in Korea

Seoul 2020 (Host Organisation participated in both in-country and remote internship program)

I really commend Griffith University for all their work within the Australia-Korea educational space.

It is great to see that Griffith is one of the most engaged Australian universities here in South Korea and we have been successfully working with the Griffith Business School to support the Global Internship Program since 2017. This includes the Chamber hosting a total of four talented Griffith Global Interns.

Over the years, I have built a great rapport with our Interns and enjoy personally keeping in touch.

Rowan Petz | Executive Director

Amartha Micro Fintech

Jakarta, Indonesia 2019

Shannon Casey was an excellent intern and the Amartha Micro Fintech team was consistently impressed with the quality of her work.

Throughout the internship, Shannon displayed a high level of professionalism and motivation. She has a great attitude and completed all tasks in a timely and efficient manner. Shannon is a fast learner, keen to explore new things and quickly adapts to change. She was very helpful, asked questions to clarify her understanding and to meet expectations, and always went above and beyond to produce great outcomes. She also had the opportunity to present her outputs directly to the CEO of Amartha, Mr Andi Taufan Garuda Putra. He thanked her personally for the assistance she provided throughout her placement and hoped that the learning she gained during her internship at Amartha will be useful for her in the future.

Based on our positive experience with Shannon, we are very interested to host a further Griffith intern in the future.

Thank you for the opportunity.

Joviana Aprilia

HuaXia Finance

Shanghai, China 2018

We were delighted to participate in the Griffith Business School Global Internship Program for the first time in 2018.

Our global intern, Warren Maynard, did a phenomenal job and was a great asset to our organisation.

His three key strengths were his leadership, helpfulness, and adaptability.  As a Chinese Wealth Management Firm, we adapt quickly and Warren consistently maintained pace; exhibiting a strong work ethic and conducting himself in a professional manner.
China is a challenging, yet rewarding country and Mr Warren demonstrated an interest and willingness to think outside the box to complete the job at hand.

The global internship program was an enriching experience for all those involved and we have no hesitation in recommending other organisations to host a Griffith student.

Michael J Beda, Director

Royale International

Hong Kong, China 2018

Royale International has had the pleasure of hosting some very high calibre students from Griffith over the last couple of years and we are keen to continue taking them on.

All students have fitted in well with the Royale team and developed great relationships.  They have been reliable, dependable and hard working as well as polite, respectful and genuinely interested in the business.

In particular, Christina was a superstar and staff are still in touch, so it goes to show the great connection we have had with the global interns.

To maximise exposure and student benefit, we are mindful to balance tasks with site visits and personal insights into the running of a large corporate.

If there was potential to host Griffith global interns all year-round, we would jump at the opportunity!


Tokyo, Japan 2018

Rochelle was a great addition to our team.  She was diligent, had great attention to detail and demonstrated excellent writing skills. Rochelle easily adapted to her new environment, is self-motivated and very professional. She quickly built trust and worked collaboratively with her colleagues, always willing to help others.

We enjoyed working with Rochelle very much and appreciate her positive contribution to improve our collective output.

Thank-you for sending her to our team!  We look forward to working with Griffith interns in the future.

AustCham Korea

Seoul, Korea 2018

The Chamber had a very positive experience hosting Billie, a Griffith global intern.

Billie is bright, passionate, caring and very capable. Her attitude, personality and work ethic made her a valued member of the AustCham team and we have been delighted to have her here. She will certainly be missed around the office.

Billie was an exceptional intern, one of the best we have had, and a perfect fit for our organisation.

Thanks for the recommendation!


Tokyo, Japan 2018

It was a great pleasure to host Laura as our Griffith intern. Laura's interpersonal communication skills are excellent, from active listening and understanding, through to effective networking and building positive relationships. She shows a passion to complete tasks to a very high standard and always goes above and beyond what is required to deliver high quality and professional results.

Laura displayed the ability to learn and adapt to new situations and we very much appreciate her hard work. She was an asset to the team and we look forward to hosting additional talented Griffith interns just like Laura.

Thank-you for the opportunity to participate.

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