Why host an intern?

Global Internships deliver value to host organisations by filling gaps in personnel and projects; harnessing fresh ideas and new perspectives; staying in touch with current trends, methods and approaches; and identifying and securing enthusiastic, talented students early on for graduate and other positions.

Interns are capable of assisting with projects and tasks across various disciplines in business, including: accounting, finance and economics; employment relations and human resources; government and international relations; international business; marketing; tourism, sport and hotel management.

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What is a Global Internship?

Global Internships offer high-achieving Griffith Business School students nearing completion of their degree the opportunity to increase employability by gaining practical exposure to a professional environment in an international setting.

As a work-integrated learning (WIL) strategy, global internships enable students to complete an industry-related project or series of tasks on a full-time, short-term (6 week) basis and are unpaid.

Where and when do global internships take place?

In 2021, internship destinations are China, Fiji, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea and Malaysia.

All destinations are supported by the Australian Government New Colombo Plan Mobility Program.

Students are available on a full-time basis (approximately 38 hours per week) for a six (6) week period in November and December 2021, including in-country* or remote internships. Remote internships provide some flexibility for part-time hours and an extension into January and February.

Exact placement hours and days are negotiated between the student and host organisation.

* Please note - Griffith University has suspended all outgoing mobility for the near future. All programs will be reviewed prior to delivery in relation to travel advisories and student health and safety. Remote/Online Global Internships will still be available.

How are interns selected?

Students will complete specific course prerequisites and a criteria-based selection process will be undertaken and include:

  • completion of two full years full-time equivalent study in an undergraduate degree or half way through a postgraduate degree
  • achieving a minimum overall grade point average (GPA) of credit-distinction.
  • successfully engaging in a face-to-face interview with staff/academic members of Griffith Asia Institute (GAI).

Once a global internship offer from a host organisation is approved, GAI will recommend an appropriate student for placement. The organisation will then receive a copy of the student's resume and academic transcript, and may interview the student before making a final decision.

What the industry host provides

  • A description of the project or tasks via email.
  • An appropriate workspace for the intern; resources and consumables as needed (In-Country Global Internship); OR, opportunities, where appropriate, for the intern to join online team and/or client meetings (Remote Global Internship).
  • Supervision for the duration of the internship, including digital support and capabilities.
  • Feedback on your intern’s performance at the end of the placement (a pro-forma will be provided).

Terms and conditions

  • Students undertaking a global internship are unpaid.
  • Griffith University provides a standard WIL placement agreement form that is signed by the student, host organisation and Griffith University. The form covers non-disclosure and assigns all intellectual property to the host organisation.
  • Students are covered by Griffith University insurance for the duration of the global internship.

Industry testimonials

Thank you for enabling Auguste Lameta to undertake her remote internship with Crossroads Foundation – we have enjoyed having her onboard.

Auguste’s project was to help Crossroads with deeper analysis of the impact of our shipments – both in making recommendations for calculating the number of direct and indirect beneficiaries in line with development best practice, and analysing the outcomes and impact of individual shipments as well as our distribution work as a whole. The goal was to help us better understand and communicate the value of our shipments, as well as standardising our reporting methodology.

Auguste was able to apply methodology from her own experience in the development sector, including creating customised logical frameworks and drafting a theory of change for our Global Distribution division. At the same time, the project enabled her to reflect on her own work from a different perspective. She had the opportunity to present to Crossroads’ directors and senior staff, who showed an interest in being involved as the project continues.

We are thankful that Auguste is keen to continue her involvement even following her internship, as we will benefit from her insights.

Thanks for Griffith University’s support with quality interns!

Richard Payne | Senior Manager, Global Distribution

Crossroads Foundation

Hong Kong 2020

I really commend Griffith University for all their work within the Australia-Korea educational space.

It is great to see that Griffith is one of the most engaged Australian universities here in South Korea and we have been successfully working with the Griffith Business School to support the Global Internship Program since 2017. This includes the Chamber hosting a total of four talented Griffith Global Interns.

Over the years, I have built a great rapport with our Interns and enjoy personally keeping in touch.

Rowan Peetz | Executive Director, Australian Chamber of Commerce in Korea

Australian Chamber of Commerce in Korea

Seoul, Korea 2020

Shannon Casey was an excellent intern and the Amartha Micro Fintech team was consistently impressed with the quality of her work.

Throughout the internship, Shannon displayed a high level of professionalism and motivation. She has a great attitude and completed all tasks in a timely and efficient manner. Shannon is a fast learner, keen to explore new things and quickly adapts to change. She was very helpful, asked questions to clarify her understanding and to meet expectations, and always went above and beyond to produce great outcomes. She also had the opportunity to present her outputs directly to the CEO of Amartha, Mr Andi Taufan Garuda Putra. He thanked her personally for the assistance she provided throughout her placement and hoped that the learning she gained during her internship at Amartha will be useful for her in the future. Based on our positive experience with Shannon, we are very interested to host a further Griffith intern in the future.

Thank you for the opportunity.

Joviana Aprilia

Amartha Micro Fintech

Jakarta, Indonesia 2019

More industry testimonials

Do you wish to offer a global internship?

Please send an email with a brief description of the project or tasks and we will contact you to discuss details.